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8004E00F - COM+ was unable to talk to Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Problem Overview

When you open the Windows Component Services Configuration Console (dcomcnfg), you see a red, downward-pointing arrow on the My Computer icon under Component Services as shown below. 201 more words

Get SID of the Computer

From time-to-time, I need to know the security identifier (SID) for a computer. Not often, mind you, but occasionally the need arises. A quick look on the Internet, turns up a lot of scripts that attempt to read from the registry. 44 more words

Power Shell

Useful Power Shell Commands - Windows server 2008 R2

1. To quickly list all the groups in your domain, with members, run this command:
dsquery group -limit 0 | dsget group -members –expand

2. To find all users whose accounts are set to have a non-expiring password, run this command: 203 more words

Windows Server 2008

Changing the Windows Console Height/Width and screen buffer Height/Width

Console settings are kept in the registry.

The default settings are under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Console in the DWORD values ScreenBufferSize and WindowSize.


Power User

Script Monitor to check for unexpected shutdown events

A few days ago I posted an issue with where the SCOM agent might miss unexpected restarts events.

So I developed a solution that does not rely on the way SCOM normally does log monitoring and does not rely on a time stamp to read the event log. 197 more words