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Creating a Shared Resource Calendar in Exchange 2007

It’s often handy to create a shared calendar within your organisation for booking rooms and other shared resources such as cars and laptops.

Outlook / Exchange 2007 makes this easy to achieve. 279 more words

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Upgrading Dell PERC H200 RAID Card to H700

Replacing a Dell PERC H200 to a Dell PERC H700 RAID card is surprisingly easy. These are the steps I followed when upgrading my Dell PowerEdge R510 Server. 475 more words

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When combined with Ctrl or Alt: RDP Shift Key Gets Stuck (via: davidbond.net)

When using Windows RDP you have the risk of a Shift key getting stuck.

This happens when press Ctrl and Shift. Make sure you release Shift first, otherwise Shift gets stuck. 284 more words

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8004E00F - COM+ was unable to talk to Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator

Problem Overview

When you open the Windows Component Services Configuration Console (dcomcnfg), you see a red, downward-pointing arrow on the My Computer icon under Component Services as shown below. 201 more words

Get SID of the Computer

From time-to-time, I need to know the security identifier (SID) for a computer. Not often, mind you, but occasionally the need arises. A quick look on the Internet, turns up a lot of scripts that attempt to read from the registry. 44 more words

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