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Installing Windows 2012 Server on VMware Workstation

Installation Steps

We will be using VMware Workstation 8.0.3 for this installation. You can grab a 60 day trial of VMware Workstation from HERE

From the “New Virtual Machine” Wizard, select Custom and click Next… 375 more words


How to Find Uptime of Remote Servers?

Here is a powershell way to get uptime of a remote server(using WMI):


$computerName = Read-Host “Enter Server Name”
$OS = Get-WmiObject win32_OperatingSystem -ComputerName $computerName… 9 more words


(2014-07-24) Possible Issues When Running Both W2K3 And W2K12R2 DCs For The Same AD Domain

If you are upgrading your AD from W2K3 to W2K12R2, you might be experiencing issues when running both OS versions at the same time. The guys at… 86 more words

Active Directory Domain Services (ADDS)

Activating Windows Server 2012 with MAK key

It appears the default activation in Windows Server 2012 is KMS.

Since I’m a primarily a 2008 R2 shop and this is my first ‘real’ 2012 server, I was waiting for the prompt to activate it with my MAK key, but when I clicked Activate, it gave me an error about KMS. 45 more words

Windows Server

Checking multipathing in Windows

To check what multipathing settings a windows server is using you can use the command line utility mpclaim. 

To check the policy your volumes are currently using: … 173 more words


DirSync force synchronization

1. start PowerShell, type Import-Module DirSync

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