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Windowsill Wonders

I haven’t been out lots since I arrived in the new space because it’s been very cold here.

Mummy bean tells me she and daddy have lots of trips to gardens, woods and beaches planned for me when it gets warmer but for now we have to bring the outside in. 89 more words


Daily inspiration, windowsill

It’s pity that windowsill isn’t more common around here. With a windowsill, it’s easy to naturally get a homely feel to the room. Pots in nice shapes & plants that are either easy to care or requires attention. 6 more words

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W is for Window Seat

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This Winter Break I spent a lot of time on the couch as everyone should during their college break. It was on one particular couch in my home where I sat looking at our window seat and suddenly realized how ugly it was. 277 more words

How To

Let the growing begin...

So the growing season has started. (Well mine has!)

Windowsills will be covered with small pots of seeds ready to germinate. It’s early I know, but I also know some of you have started a few seeds off in heated greenhouses. 157 more words

The Joy of Microfarming


It’s winter, and it’s cold, and nothing wants to grow. It’s a rubbish time of year to be a gardener. Frankly, it’s flippin freezing, and it takes a very particular type of person to engage with that sort of malarkey. 382 more words


Guests on my windowsill

Early morning around 6-6.30 (which is quite early by my standards) I woke up to the “cawing” of a crow outside the window of my bedroom. 563 more words