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because it's winter

I thought I’ll share this with you:

“Winter winds tug at prayer feathers tied to a bush in the hope of more harmonious times.  The Hopis believe that the feathers are invested with evils that will be removed as the bush is stripped bare, making a spiritual space for good that will replace them”

(m)otherwise Thoughts

Southern Winds Producing Monsoonal Climate Also Warming Bay Area Coastal Waters

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — The same winds bringing the monsoonal moisture causing atypical summer weather in the Bay Area are also causing a phenomenon along the coast – making the water warmer. 153 more words


Missing: Titan’s waves. If found report to NASA

By Kruti Shrotri

Titan is one of the most intriguing bodies in our solar system. The largest of Saturn’s sixty-two moons, it is the only planetary object other than Earth known to have rivers and lakes on its surface. 363 more words


The Winds of Change

The winds of change have come

I feel them blowing on my face

My spirit is lifted with the dream

My heart is now set to race… 54 more words



The rains sing a song to me
but do not let me to pen it down

Or is this what i tell myself?
So that my thoughts seem profound. 125 more words

Through The Storm

I heard His voice, His tender voice,
speak softly in the storm;
The waves were high, the winds were howling,
yet the breath of His presence was very warm. 54 more words

Muskegon weather report: Thunderstorms, damaging winds predicted for Monday night

By Tony Wittkowski | Reporter | MLive – Muskegon Chronicle

MUSKEGON, MI — West Michigan may be hit with thunderstorms Monday night, June 30, which would include damaging winds. 320 more words