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Riding the Winds

One of the trees in our garden is just the slightest bit green-tinted at the moment. I know that one day soon, I’ll look outside to see those little buds have all sprouted at once (or so it seems), and the green mantle will be dancing in the breeze, singing the song of the winds. 218 more words



her skirt ballooning

lifted by salacious winds

this Easter morning


Nature is amazing

Summer is in the air.This evening I savored a particular  grass scent,that I have come to associate with summers.But later in the evening the weather took a turn,and it started to rain accompanied with pleasant breeze.Both weathers are amazing.The rain stopped ,but light,pleasant winds kept blowing. 6 more words


4/14//14 Forecast

Hope everyone in SoCal enjoyed the ‘cool’ weather the last few days as things will warm up once again today and tomorrow as offshore flow dominates the weather. 92 more words

doves coo

(quietly) we sit
while the north winds shake these walls . . .
but, hear the doves coo