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Windsurfing – The Harness!

After a few days off windsurfing training to focus on strength and conditioning and also so I could fit in my Weymouth adventures, I absolutely smashed my first training session back on Tuesday! 377 more words


AHD Summerboard review

The best of both worlds

As a fan of both windsurfing and stand up paddle boarding I’ve always considered windSUP appealing. Unfortunately, most SUPs are optimised for one or the other – paddle or sail.


Sailing and Windsurfing

A day of sailing and learning how to windsurf!


Balancing on the board is one of the most difficult things to do.

It looks a lot easier than it really is!



By Haga Park “beach” on Öland you’ll find a windsurfing center. 

Windsurfing - Flexibility

In the previous post, I mentioned how shockingly bad my flexibility was….so I thought I’d show you haha!

Having never had to be flexible, (I never did gymnastics or anything in school) I’ve never really thought about the benefits to being a bit more bendy! 134 more words


How Training is Affecting My Body

When I started training, I made the decision to take pictures every week to track how my body’s changing and also for motivation because when you see yourself every day, you don’t tend to see the changes quite so well. 219 more words