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October 22nd 7PM

Obviously seems very sudden that self hates job, but did not realise just how awful it was until spent two weeks away from home, then had one week off. 133 more words


October 22nd 1:30PM

Bloody hate job.

Am not house cleaner.

Should not have to clean toilet.

Should not have to clean kitchen.

Should not have to unblock sink. 8 more words


October 21st

Faced work with can do, positive attitude today, after evening of sipping (gulping) wine and thinking about future. Had no impact on day whatsoever. Demon Child was still a screaming, snot nosed brat from hell, and self still wanted to drown her in bucket full of ice cold water. 130 more words


You knew something was missing from your life......

but you didn’t know what. ¬†Well, here it is, the centellino from Italy!

Watch the video and not only will you learn what a centellino is, but you will see how glass is blown. 171 more words


The Wine Snobs

I think it’s safe to say. that I know more about wine than the average bear. I know more than the average bear but far less than a Sommelier. 413 more words