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Private Cuvee - NV; Rancho Ponte Vineyards; Fredericksburg, Texas

This delightfully sparkling wine is a pleasure to enjoy for almost any occasion.  It has just the right amount of “bubbles” and just a tad bit of sweetness, making this an easy sipping sparkler.  89 more words


Best Food to Serve with Pinot Gris Wine

The Pinot grape is something of a chameleon because of the color variety that can be found in it. Pinot Girs is a mutation of the Pinot Noir and can be found worldwide in a number of different expressions from velvety to crisp, from sweet to dry etc. 366 more words

Pinot Gris

Benefits of Shiraz Red Wine

It is well – known that people have been drinking alcohol since ancient time, and one of the most popular alcoholic drinks is wine. It is medically proven that a glass of red wine a day can keep doctors away. 351 more words

Red Wine

Chardonnay – 2006; Red Caboose Winery; Meridian, Texas

Who says a Chardonnay can’t last this long?  Well, this one did!  Here’s the bottom line:  still a good clean and crisp medium bodied white wine with a good full flavor.  88 more words


Sweet Ruby Cabernet - 2005; Lone Star Wine Cellars; McKinney, Texas

More off-sweet, than sweet, this medium-bodied Ruby Cabernet is a delightful treat. It has a strong violet color which is a pretty cool looking hue. It is definitely fruit forward with some blueberry and raspberry notes. 61 more words


Pinot Grigio – NV; Bernhardt Winery; Plantersville, Texas

This wine has been resting in the cellar for a few years and has its deep golden spectacular color to prove it.   Try not to stare at this one too long before the oxygen demons have had their way with it.  63 more words


Orange Muscat – 2009; Duchman Family Winery; Driftwood, Texas

Yes, this is a really, really good sweet dessert wine!  It’s probably one of the better vintages for Orange Muscats from Texas.  It has just enough sweetness and just the right citrus balance to make this a great sipping wine.  64 more words