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Colbert Demolishes Sarah Palin's New Media Venture VIDEO

ByCATHERINE THOMPSONPublishedJULY 30, 2014, 8:23 AM EDT7331 Views

It’s easy enough to mock Sarah Palin’s new eponymous online video channel, but Stephen Colbert took the Palin-trolling a step further on Tuesday by announcing he bought… 126 more words

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Why Am I Moving Left? « Andrew Sullivan--The Dish

The conduct of the GOP during the Obama administration has been a nihilist disgrace. In 2009, Obama inherited crises on every front: an economy in terrifying free-fall, a bankrupted Treasury, an even more morally bankrupt foreign policy, and two failed wars. 135 more words

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The Demographics Of Denialism « The Dish

Climate-change skepticism appears to be especially common in Anglophone countries:

Not only is the United States clearly the worst in its climate denial, but Great Britain and Australia are second and third worst, respectively.

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Boehner: GOP 'Not There Yet' On A Plan To Replace Obamacare

House Speaker John Boehner said Thursday that Republicans are still working on a plan to replace Obamacare that they can coalesce around.”

You know, the discussions about Obamacare and what the replacement bill would look like continue. 68 more words

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GOP's Halbig Tantrum Is A Punitive Attack Out Of Soviet Communism

The subsidies are the heart of the Affordable Care Act; they’re what give people the incentive to get into the system, rather than just paying a penalty to avoid the individual mandate. 370 more words

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Commentary: The fate of the Obamacare subsidies in the Supreme Court : SCOTUSblog

It seems inevitable that the Supreme Court is going to take up the issue.  The Obama administration has said that it will ask all the judges of the D.C. 251 more words

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