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The Michael Moore Of The Right? « The Dish

D’Souza once believed in making serious arguments for a more conservative view of the world. It’s telling about his own evolution – and the degeneration of public discourse in America – that he has largely given that up in favor of really lucrative propaganda designed to monetize the polarized red state masses. 50 more words

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Donald Trump Endorses Mitch McConnell for the Wrong Job - The Wire

Billionaire, reality star, and perennial possible candidate for a series of political jobs Donald J. Trump isn’t quite sure how congressional leadership works, but he definitely thinks Sen. 59 more words

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How the GOP stopped caring about you - The Washington Post

In 1862 , in the midst of the Civil War, Republican Justin Smith Morrillstood in Congress to defend his party’s invention: an income tax . The government had the right to demand 99 percent of a man’s property, the Vermont representative thundered. 321 more words

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Dick Cheney Was Right About Iraq All Along « The Dish

This Bush prophecy business is b.s. through and through. It’s important to say that now, because Dick Cheney, one of the principal architects of one of the worst disasters in US foreign policy and military history, is now making an “I Told You So” tour, back in Washington a standing ovation at AEI! 39 more words

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Obama puts feds behind efforts to save pollinators

In our super-polarized political environment, here’s an issue that should unite Republicans, Democrats, liberals, conservatives, lefties, wing-nuts and all manner of thespians:

President Barack Obama… 2,241 more words


War in Europe is not a hysterical idea - The Washington Post

Russian soldiers will have to create this state — how many of them depends upon how hard Ukraine fights, and who helps them — but eventually Russia will need more than soldiers to hold this territory. 204 more words

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7 reasons women will lead the new world order - MarketWatch

Yes, it’s a guy thing, after 200,000 years women make men feel powerless

But the real tragedy is that today’s threatened male ego is also sabotaging America’s economy and our status as a world power. 176 more words

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