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Wink Wars

Everyone has their views about dating site ‘winking’. I personally don’t mind winks, what’s the point of writing your memoirs to someone who may not even bother with reading your message because they’ve seen your photo and decided that even if your message contained a cure for cancer they still could not be any less interested in what you have to say if they tried? 76 more words

Dating Sites

Funny how...

… the closer it gets to the end of the semester, the less I care.

As you could imagine, this isn’t the best possible scenario, as finals and projects are completed near the end of the semester (in my case, next week), and not caring often leads to things not getting done. 83 more words

Thoughts on winking

There really is no appropriate way to wink.

Whether you’re attempting to be ironic, or to be slightly flirty, winking just comes off as completely creepy. 139 more words