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Utilising my insomnia

Morning all. As you will know I have suffered from insomnia for many years 11 in total. Sometime I sleep for 2-3 hours a day sometimes I go days without sleep. 234 more words


Thought of The Night:

In Wars, you can always be victorious by not winning, just like defeated by not losing …….hmmmmmmm (a quote for sure not by Sun Tzu, so you will never find it looking in his book “The Art of War”)

Good Night and….Good Luck!


Who wins? You decide.

Whilst in the relationship, I didn’t think much was wrong. I mean, I knew that he was controlling, I knew I wasn’t living my life as I wanted to and that my family were no longer allowed to be the most important thing to me however I would never have dreamed of sitting here 3 years on trying to work through years of abuse.  305 more words


POEM: Tug-of-War

Twenty-four of us stood adjacent to the rope,
Half on the left, half on the right,
Anxiously awaiting the abrupt, shrill scream
Screeching in the air for us to tug… 129 more words


These are OUR Lakers.

The summer of 2014 has come and gone. The dream of making a splash in free agency has come to a bitter end. The dust has long settled and we can clearly see who will be wearing the purple and gold this year. 442 more words