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How to actually change for the better

Changing yourself for the better might just be one of the most satisfying feelings it is possible to accomplish as a human being. Not incidentally, it is also one of the hardest. 2,738 more words


I Want My Piece of The Monopoly Pie

Am I alone on the hunt for the right monopoly pieces to win prizes? “What kind of question is that” you may be asking. Of course you are not. 122 more words

Winning Wednesday

Mickey Mouse Wins the Lottery?

Winning the lottery is always a fantasy for everyone. The vacations, a new car, paying off your bills, and  buying that home you always dreamed about in the hills of West Virginia (ok, maybe just the home part) are all benefits of winning the lottery. 265 more words

To BL or Not To BL

The BL – Bucket List – that seemingly unfeasible list of life dreams and goals that range from rolling in every square inch of the earth to owning every breed of cat in a mansion on a lake. 833 more words


Winning tips for political candidates from Ron Faucheux

Ron Faucheux is the author or editor of several popular American books on political campaigning including Running for Office: The Strategies, Techniques and Messages Modern Political Candidates Need to Win Elections  396 more words

Campaign Techniques

The Big Bad Wolf

So ,who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?

Standing infront of me,his breath on my face,

Growling,laughing,mocking my defeats.

Saliva dripping,as he lusts after my broken spirit. 72 more words


Are you a complete loser?

Recently I was reminded that I am a complete loser.

I went away for a weekend with a friend, who I shall call Fred (not his real name). 1,122 more words