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Success is Not Linear...

Too many times we want things to go perfectly. We get frustrated when things don’t go according to plan and often get upset with ourselves when we are faced with setbacks. 91 more words

People Leaving

So today I walk in to find that two more people that I work with have handed in their notices. Now if you have read my previous posts about work, then that might not have come of much surprise. 323 more words


The game of life

In many ways life can be described as a game, where we ourselves are the pawns upon the chessboard of life. We may come over many situations in our lives when we can do nothing about our current situation, all we can do is just wait. 236 more words

Lottery Commercials Don't Target People Who Are Good Money Managers

What’s the first thing I’d do if I somehow ran into a very large amount of money?

You guessed it. I would immediately pay off the mortgage on our brand-new house. 592 more words


Where have all the sales people gone?

It’s been over three decades now that I have been proud to call myself someone who works in sales. To me it is a noble profession, one where you are always learning and adapting to change, one that people should aspire to. 598 more words


Did you forget to set your goals?

What do you mean Easter eggs are already in the stores!! Yes 2015 has started and before we know it we will be saying where has the year gone. 279 more words