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Oct 23 - Graduation Day

So my brother graduated today with a Bachelor of Recreational Management and Community Development. It was great to see my little brother cross the stage and get is diploma. 89 more words

Project 365

Despite late voter rush, city says civic election polls still closed at 8 p.m.

Polling stations during Wednesday’s civic election weren’t kept open to deal with latecomers to long lines of voters, a city official said on Thursday.

Metro Winnipeg received several reports that lines grew and voting slowed down significantly at some poll locations after 6 p.m., with one Winnipegger saying she saw people leave instead of waiting 45 minutes to vote. 177 more words


Winnipeg police on heightened alert after Ottawa shooting

Winnipeg police say they’ve beefed up their presence around the city following Wednesday’s shooting at the National War Memorial in Ottawa.

“Certainly we’re all aware of what tragedy occurred yesterday in Ottawa and the heightened sense of security across the country,” said WPS spokesperson Const. 166 more words


Twin brothers charged with assaulting officers during drunken consensual fight

Winnipeg police say they’ve arrested twin brothers after the pair got into a consensual, drunken fight—and allegedly assaulted two officers sent to break it up. 115 more words


Den Tandt: Parliamentary security is still too lax

OTTAWA — Someone had to say it. And so it came to pass, as I drove eastward on the 401 in the wee hours Thursday, that a late-night radio host took the plunge: “This is, in a sense, Canada’s 9/11…” He paused, as though a wee jolt from his amygdala, the lizard portion of the brain, had warned him he was about to sound like an imbecile: “Of course, the damage in the two situations is not comparable, but…” 752 more words


First things first: Let’s do this openly, says Mayor-Elect Brian Bowman

With his voice a little raspy from talking all day, Mayor-Elect and privacy lawyer Brian Bowman says his first priority is to establish better communications with Winnipeggers. 198 more words


Manitoba dam blockade: Chief demands revenue-sharing, help lowering hydro bills

Protesters from a northern Manitoba First Nation say they won’t leave the grounds around a key power-generating station unless their demands are met.

Cross Lake Chief Catherine Merrick says Manitoba Hydro has violated her people’s treaty rights and must make amends. 83 more words