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Where did the SystemTray vanish with #WinPRT #wpdev?

With Silverlight WP8 API, SystemTray is exposed in PhoneApplicationPage through Microsoft.Phone.Shell.

        <shell:ProgressIndicator />
SystemTray.BackgroundColor = Colors.Cyan;
SystemTray.ForegroundColor = Colors.White;
SystemTray.IsVisible = true;
SystemTray.Opacity = 0.8;
SystemTray.ProgressIndicator = new ProgressIndicator() { IsIndeterminate = true, IsVisible = true };
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Backbutton handling with #winprt and Windows Phone 8.1 #wpdev

Back with WP8 and Silverlight API, handling hardware back button was easy peasy. By default, PhoneApplicationPage exposed an eventhandler called BackKeyPress. Developers could chose to subscribe to this event handler and handle the back button. 175 more words


AirMess - Release 3

The 3rd iteration of AirMess just hit the Windows Store :)

Get AirMess (Windows 8.1)

What’s in the box?


VS2013 Update 2 RC - Error APPX3210

If you stumble across the following error message with Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 RC:

1>[…]\Package.appxmanifest(19,64): error APPX3210: App manifest references the image ‘Assets/Icon150.png’ which does not have a candidate in main app package. 92 more words


Windows Phone Store App ali Windows Phone Silverlight 8.1 App?

Dva tedna nazaj je Microsoft najavil Windows Phone 8.1 OS in s tem je tudi izdal nova razvojna orodja. V razvojnih orodij smo dobili možnosti razvijati za Windows Phone Store App in Silverlight 8.1 app. 277 more words


Quiz for Geeks in now available in Windows Store!

Quiz for Geeks passed certification and is now available in Windows Store.

Before you try it, here is the game trailer:

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Lots of helper extensions to format BCL types to more readable strings (and reverse).

Just like any other library, I have concrete cases of use of some extensions and some others seems useless. 47 more words

.Net 4.0