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Diagnostics & Analysis on Windows Runtime

Last month in the Sinergija conference, I was presenting a topic on Windows Runtime applications. The presentation was about providing the users with quality applications. I wanted to put it to words and create a post. 745 more words


Write a file to the SD card on Windows Phone 8.1.

Use `Windows.Storage.KnownFolders.RemovableDevices`.

Configure SD card emulator

  1. Click *Tools* button, it looks like this: *>>*
  2. Click *SD Card* tab.
  3. On *Local folder* type a local folder path, e.g., *C:\SDCard*
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WinRT and application view wide Pointer event monitoring #wpdev #windev

It seems like every year I go through same technical difficulties. Last year I blogged about WinRT and pointer manipulation #win8dev #winrtdev

One of the underlying classes detects manipulation by user by means of Touch class. 144 more words


New Project

Last week I started work on a new project.

This project is huge, far bigger than anything else I’ve taken on in the past. I’m going to be launching a kickstarter campaign in the following weeks to try and get it funded. 29 more words

Support for Windows Phone 8.1 WinRT for Coding4Fun

Earlier this year, I took the responsibility of ensuring that  Coding4Fun toolkit supported Windows Runtime apps on Windows Phone 8.1. I spent a good part of March / April porting major chunks of code without porting XAML. 128 more words


So you want to be an "app developer"?

You want to be an app developer. You’ve heard about the success stories, and you too, want to make 1 million in revenue per year. 278 more words

How to get the response content of a DownloadOperation or UploadOperation when the result is not 200 OK?

It is common that REST APIs return useful information for developers in the response content when the request is not successful.

For example, lets say you want to access the following URL from the Facebook API: 245 more words