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ScrollToBottom Behavior for ListView in MVVM based Universal Windows apps

In some cases, we may need to automatically scroll the content of a ListView as items are added to it (for example, in a chat-like app). 589 more words


Reinventing the wheel - AirMess R8 - RT/W8/W7

AirMess R8 is now available, on Widows 8 RT, Windows 8 Desktop and of course Windows 7 !

Windows 8 RT

Get AirMess (Windows 8.1) 571 more words


Binding IsSelected Method in the ListView Control in WinRT

Basically, it’s not possible. However, this is the best (and only that works) workaround that I found.

Subclass the Listview

I tried everything. Absolutely everything. … 327 more words


Build Adaptive UIs with Universal Windows Apps

An introductory session on universal Windows App development. With the ability to easily share nearly everything across all Windows devices, building adaptive UIs is more important than ever. 428 more words


ScrollViewer Zoom Alignment Tip

Every time I go to use a ScrollViewer and need zooming, I always forget a few properties that need set in order for this to work correctly. 183 more words


Cannot deserialize XBF metadata type list as NullableBoolToBoolConverter was not found in namespace

I was trying to get something working last night and kept hitting this exception when my app was trying to InitializeComponent() at one point.


First-chance exception at 0x750D1D4D in App1.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: Platform::COMException ^ at memory location 0x037CDDC0. 441 more words


Using gzip compression when making HTTP requests in Windows Phone apps

Bandwidth and data consumption on mobile devices remain one of the most critical resources an app consumes on any platform. A majority of users have limited data plans and actually pay more if they use more data on their mobile devices. 809 more words