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Share From File Explorer in Windows 10

In the Share tab of the Ribbon in File Explorer there is now a share button. This allows sharing files with others via any app that supports sharing, such as mail apps, Facebook apps, Twitter apps, etc. 240 more words

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Angular routing in JavaScript® based Windows® Store apps

To be able to run Angular core and route modules in Windows® 8/8.1 Store single page applications based on JavaScript®, follow these steps:

  1. To resolve…
  2. 114 more words

DialogService in MVVM Light V5

Some days ago we talked about the new release of MVVM Light Toolkit and, in particular, we presented the new NavigationService.

The other service that is shipped with MVVM Light V5 is… 294 more words


Creating and Binding to a Custom User Control in MVVM Cross

While creating my game, I recently came across the problem of navigation. This post describes how to create a custom user control and react to the event inside. 371 more words


NavigationService in MVVM Light V5

Two days ago, at Xamarin Evolve conference in Atlanta, has been announced the availability of MVVM Light V5. This release contains interesting updates for Xamarin, as we can read in the… 472 more words


Refactoring XAML ResourceDictionaries

Code reuse of any kind is a priority for all developers. Design elements and UI resources are no exception.
In this tutorial you will learn how to correctly organize your resources for maximum reuse. 467 more words


Images and Scaling with Windows Runtime #WinRT #WPDev #Windev

With the advent of Windows Phone 8.1, developers have the option of using WinRT native XAML stack as opposed to the Silverlight XAML the only option with early Windows Phone iterations. 613 more words