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SHORTS : Editing the "CHOOSE AN ITEM" title text of the Full Selector view of the ComboBox control

APPLIES TO: Windows Phone RT

Another BRICK-WALL! How to change the Title text of the Full Mode view of the ComboBox control in WinRT?

Well, it should be simple, but there are many out there who have been looking for solutions to this, 2 of them being  157 more words

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Does not compute

And so it begins, the inevitable replacement of the classic Windows applets with slow Modern apps that lack features and are horrible in every way possible. 111 more words

Where Is The Love?

SHORTS : Consuming a WCF (ASMX) web service in WinRT

APPLIES TO: Windows 8.x and Windows Phone RT

Here’s another brick-wall I had faced recently – consuming a WCF service in a WinRT app. When Silverlight was around, using a WCF service was really easy, one just had to add a Service Reference to the WCF service hosted online, and then Visual Studio would expose the methods of the Service by means of a Proxy class. 343 more words

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Make your own Swipe Carousel Control!

APPLIES TO: Windows 8.x and Windows Phone RT

Sometimes you may require a control in WinRT apps that acts as a carousel control (a horizontal slideshow of images/posts.. 601 more words

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Mobile developer internship


I’ve been out for a while like I said in this post… I got erased somehow and I decided to re-write it.

So basically, I was saying that I found this new internship as a mobile developer in a .NET company ! 166 more words