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Magic Mushrooms

Almost a month ago, I decided I would try something new. I’d heard how delicious mushrooms taste with a properly cooked steak, so I decided to test it. 459 more words


Spiced English Breakfast Milk Tea

Whenever I am stressed or am trying to procrastinate, I come here to my itty-bitty, little blog to detox; and this past Sunday was one of those days where I just needed that creative outlet. 211 more words


Vegetarian Chili

Everybody seems to have a favorite chili recipe, but I generally just wing it.  I do from time to time stick to my mom’s method (see a post from November 13, 2012) but as often as not I do some type of vegetarian chili.  220 more words


Liquid Courage: Vegetables Plus Water Equals Soup

I’m not going to talk about how I used to run a soup club (I used to run a soup club), or about the time my grandparents, worried that I was… 529 more words


Winter warming weekend chili

Even though I have moved to the Southern Hemisphere, and weather is seemingly heating up for me (not quite yet), all of my lovely friends, family and readers across the other side of the world are holing up for winter. 456 more words


Tuscan Ragù ... With a Twist

I just love the many versions of ragù in Italy. Although similar in terms of being a meat-based sauce, little variances here and there in the recipe make a big difference. 417 more words


Snow Forecast! Need Heat! Get out the CURRY!

Last night the forecast was for our first snow showers of the season and COLD and whoa! Not quite ready with beautiful multi-color Autumn leaves still on the trees, but the cold and the chill was arriving making the impending approach of winter very clear to the senses. 548 more words