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I-Tried-To-Make-It-Vegan-But-Failed Smoky Split Pea Soup

Spring is here.

Or so they say. I wouldn’t know, because I haven’t been outside in two days. Currently, my husband and I are quarantined due to two different ailments, both plague-like and incapacitating. 377 more words


Haddock Frittata

This is a recipe created specifically to use leftovers I happened to have in the fridge one day. We liked it so much, it now features as a ‘planned’ leftover dish, either as a whole lunch on its own or as a main dish for supper. 288 more words

Winter Recipes

Rabbit Food Quesadillas (Carrot&Carrot Top and Beet&Beet Greens)

These may not be the most traditional quesadillas, but man are they tasty! They have the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.  Homemade Corn Tortilla… 760 more words


I Made Sweet Potato Curry, LOL

When I peered into my produce box a few weeks ago, I laughed. Out loud. Literally.

Because these sweet potatoes stared back at me:

This interesting configuration of root vegetables made me think of a time when I had no idea what text abbreviations meant. 370 more words


Wilted Cabbage Salad

The sun is shining brightly through only a few high clouds this morning in Wales, but the thermometer is still reading 32 degrees Farenheit, so I’m giving you another winter recipe.   223 more words


Good friends, good food!

The perfect combination for a good night is that of good friends and good food. There’s a group of us who meet quite regularly, each contributing something different to the table each time. 317 more words

Day To Day Life

Warm Winter Cabbage

I know, winter’s officially over, but nobody seems to have told Mother Nature. So today I’m posting a dish using winter stuff, but that doesn’t feel too much like winter. 175 more words

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