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I just read that Jennifer Lawrence made more money last year than any other actor! WOW! She must really be good! She’s been in the X-men movies, Silver Linings Playlist, The Hunger Games Films, but what was some of her earlier works? 114 more words


Katniss Everdeen

I just finished to watch ‘Winters Bone’ with Jennifer Lawrence, and she is (as always) brilliant. Of course I love her in the Hunger Games, just perfect. 21 more words


The 10 Best Films and TV Shows About Disappearance

Films and TV series about disappearances become so popular because they present a scenario more haunting than death. At the core of each story of a disappearance is the question of whether to “disappear” is to die, if it’s to be reborn, or if it means being stuck in the mercurial limbo of other peoples’ imaginations. 1,039 more words


'Winter's Bone' performance made Lawrence obvious choice for Katniss

A while back during a semi-anti-Moby Dick rant, I professed my love for the Daniel Woodrell novel Winter’s Bone. The story of a 17-year-old girl living in rural, cloistered Missouri follows her as she attempts to find her crank-cooking father, who, if she can’t get him to court in time, will cost them the family home he put up for bail. 326 more words


Can you name 10 films that changed your life?

The end of the year is just about on us. Some movie lovers are considering the best or their favorites films of this year. A lot of people ask year-end questions (i.e., which of this year’s movies were the “best;” which of this year’s movies made the most money; which of those movies were your favorites?) but I find the less routine, less annual, and less common ones the most interesting. 957 more words


Winter's Bone

Director: Debra Granik
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, John Hawkes, Garret Dillahunt
Run Time: 1h 40mins

Debra Granik’s American independent film Winter’s Bone strikes an all too familiar chord. 584 more words

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#45 - Winter's Bone

I stood at the plate and dug my feet into the dirt. I looked the pitcher down and waited for him to make his move. He wound up and chucked the ball. 715 more words