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Work in process

photo section:

i went to cornwall park to shoot my idea background photos, even it was rain but still beautiful.

there will be more photo that i need for my two works…after that will be a hard part in this work “photoshop”.

fighting everyone,



Research 4

time to settle the idea…T^T

too many idea floating in my head at the moment, i need to cut down the complicate one and stick with something that suit my ability. 102 more words


Research 3

i been doing more research on background that i would like to use and i find one photo from internet that give me inspiration. it is a blog from google+ called “scene 360″ on the blog there are many photoshop picture which be categories by theme. 61 more words


Research 2

Movie theme

there are many movie that come into my mind. i want to do something dark which i think horror movie will suite me the most. 36 more words


Seven Lines

Poor blog. I neglect you.

Anyway, I’m sure this is supposed to be posted on Facebook, but Rae Chang tagged me and I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone. 191 more words


Research 1

something to inspire my work…

i am starting with debate theme first thing that came in mind is domestic violence. there are serious issue in everywhere around the world and most likely things getting worse. 51 more words


choosing proper tool for my work:

there are many useful, i had learn from class and now its time to use it >< thanks to matt that i know how to use a photoshop ^^ 84 more words