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Not doing WIPpet Wednesday - working

Yesterday I started a new job.  I’m working as the administrator for a small charity here in Bristol (UK) called Bristol Disability Equality Forum.  The charity seeks to improve the rights and treatment of disabled people. 128 more words

#ROW80 Reminders and #WIPpet Wednesday Jerkiness.

So it occurred to me on Monday night that while I took in the notes my betas gave me for AMCF, and did a pretty thorough edit on the same draft myself, having the files with my betas’ comments open as I work through the next draft would probably be beneficial. 526 more words


Mounted Soldiers


Feeling a bit torn today…  I’ve finally got myself writing some new story pieces (mostly back story, true) for Courting.  Yay!  New fiction!  Thing is, the scenes as they stand now (in their very, very rough draft state) would be huge spoilers (not to mention that they really don’t read like much yet with all the notes and “____” that I used when I couldn’t think of a name or specific detail I didn’t want to stop writing to look up later). 365 more words


WIPpet Wednesday - Surprise!

Hello!It’s WIPpet Wednesday, time for the WIPpeteers to share snippets of their works in progress. To join, post an excerpt of your current WIP that somehow corresponds to the date, … 232 more words


Look Around

Welcome Back,  everyone!   Both the WIPpet and the ROW80 move into full swing today (actually, the ROW80 started on Monday, but today is the first check-in). 532 more words


Today's #ROW80 and #WIPpet Wednesday

So I was all, “I probably won’t do a ROW80 update on this first Wednesday of the round, because mine is a weekly goal, and it’s unlikely I will have made a huge amount of progress in two days.” 537 more words


I'm back!

Well it’s been a couple of weeks since my last WIPpet Wednesday. I hope you’re all OK. My work experience at Bristol City Council has begun. 694 more words