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Shoulda, woulda, coulda...

I had an interesting conversation with Shireen yesterday that made me stop and think.  I mentioned that I was battling a severe case of start-itis, and that the main reason I was not casting on a new… 314 more words

I have five knitting WIPs left. I haven’t even begun to tell you about the sewing WIPs. At the top of my list is this quilt I’m working on using the ‘Library Stacks’ kit from… 68 more words


In progress...

A list of things I’m working at the moment. The right one is my version of Dorothy from the wizard of oz, which is supposed to be a warm-up sketch but I liked the result so I’m turning it into a complete illustration :] The middle is from the remake WIP I posted a few days ago; Its almost finished but I’m not quite satisfied with it yet! 55 more words


And Everything There Glowed

Did this for Riak the other day. Sort of a summary of the area I refer to as “Blue Spoon” – named after its largest city. 42 more words




this is supposed to be a study on realism but in the end it turned out very stylized OTL just a wip though! I’ll probably make this my DA ID :]


WIP Wednesday: Baby's Hexighan

Just a quick post today. I’ve been plugging away on Jellybean’s blanket. I’ve completed the third row and started the fourth!! It is getting more exciting as it grows. 26 more words




or something I guess lol. Retouching and rerendering a drawing I did a week ago. This one is really therapeutic :D