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Ash Flower

Finally getting close to wrapping up the 3rd camas plant. The black bits on the petals are crumbled up ashes from a book. I’ve run out of rebar and haven’t been able to find another source of recycled/reused material. 103 more words


Spectacular Fairy Sculptures Made Of Wire By Robin Wight | DeMilked

via Spectacular Fairy Sculptures Made Of Wire By Robin Wight | DeMilked.

Jul 17, 2014

Robin Wight, a talented photographer based in the U.K., creates enchanting fairy sculptures out of stainless steel wires.

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Wired guitarist?

Taken somewhere in South Africa by a daughter of a colleague. Don’t know exactly where but I like it!

Another one completed

Second one down, 10 more to go!

I ended up disliking the paper from this particular book. It was way too thick and that lead to a lot of page prep before being able to glue it onto the forms. 43 more words



How does one represent a major city burn? You burn something, of course!

This morning I had a full flower for the previous piece that I really disliked. 98 more words


One down, 11 more to go!

Only 11 more to go before August 31! What an enormous task! I just have to focus on one at a time. ┬áThe next Camas creation will be made from a 1958 copy of “Douglas Fir Use Book” that belonged to my father. 90 more words