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Sticking Seed

Attaching grass seed securely and keeping it from falling off the forms during wax application ended up being a challenging task. I could imagine the wax bath becoming clogged with oodles and oodles of loose seed. 162 more words


Productive day

It was quite the day. I worked on finally finishing off part of the purple flowers with gold stamens. Now I need to create more stamens and cover them in gold leaf. 93 more words



During childhood, my sister caught me drawing on the walls and curtains of her bedroom. I was probably only 5 or 6 years old. In my brain, they needed color (which happened to be an orange crayon). 232 more words


Wrapping Wire

2 weeks to go until installation of the Camas project in Halsey. Tonight, I managed to work all 10 “flower buds” onto a length of rebar. 119 more words


Ledger Camas

I acquired a wonderful 1967 ledger book while clearing out the parents home after their death. The business name wasn’t included, but I highly suspect it was from the one my dad worked for. 140 more words


Right to Left

I think the time has come to start focusing more on what can be done with the backdrop for the upcoming installation than on producing more camas plants. 192 more words


Art on the beach

┬áJust recently the black dog has had me by the throat so I’ve been struggling to get anything done, however I have been able to play with some stones, getting scraped and bruised in the process which makes the results all the more satisfying as I feel I have really earned them, ┬áso here are some more artworks taken from various beaches around North Wales. 251 more words

Land Art