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Improve your AT&T Connection

There is a simple way to improve your internet connection check out this article for more information:

8 Steps to Improving Your AT&T Internet Service…

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Samsung Mini Wireless Charging Pad Review | Samsung Accessories

The Samsung Mini Wireless Charging Pad is an innovative product designed to make life even more convenient for smartphone users.

When every dollar counts, Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex Ruckus 7372...

Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex Ruckus 7372
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Technical Stuff:

  • Up to 4 times extended range and coverage, capable of supporting over 500 clients per ZF7372 AP… 186 more words
  • SIM900 GSM Modem Tester for Linux/Ubuntu

    This post is intended to help linux users to use and test GSM Modems connected through virtual COM port in Linux. The source is made available for the user and can be redistributed. 181 more words

    Embedded System

    The impact of 802.11ac vs 802.11n in high density environments

    At the beginning of 2014 the 802.11ac specification had just been ratified and home routers supporting  the draft version were already hitting the shelves in the local computer shops. 2,167 more words


    Hardware in the Higher Education Classroom

    Hardware in my Classroom

    In the room I use for 90% of my teaching I have the following hardware:

    • Single data projector
    • teachers computers (MAC: dual booting for Mac or windows OS) with speakers, webcam and microphone…
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    Educational Technology