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Jonathan Goldstein: Scenes from a schvitz, or how I almost passed out at the YMCA

Sunday. As the weather grows cold my appetite for summer’s heat still lingers. And so I’ve decided to take in a steam bath at the Y. 529 more words


Jonathan Goldstein: What did the bride wear? Did anyone notice? Why petty dramas are the real wedding show

Sunday. 6:45 p.m. Arrival at family wedding reception.

6:50 p.m. Herded like cattle by sadistic photographer with boundary issues.

“We must show familial support,” my father intones as a photographer’s assistant yanks him forward by the lapel. 506 more words


Jonathan Goldstein: As the days get shorter, take those hockey cards out of your spokes

As the last days of summer leak through my fingers like melted Popsicle water, my mind wanders back to memories of summers past. As a kid, from the moment summer started, I worried about how much of it was left. 517 more words


Why Ratan Tata is wrong about privacy: Part I - background, facts, and issues


The Supreme Court of India is soon expected to deliver its judgment in the matter of Ratan Tata v. Union of India WP (Civil) 398 of 2010. 1,298 more words


Jonathan Goldstein: How to activate your inner Voltrons, or having fun with telekinesis

I’m preparing for a move and have almost finished boxing everything up. All that’s left are those unaccountable odds and ends — the tangled Slinky under the couch, the fortune cookie fortunes stuck to the fridge, a few particularly great elastics around the bathroom doorknob I’ve been saving for a special occasion. 551 more words