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Jonathan Goldstein: Whither the whistlers? On what it means to lose a useless skill

Sunday. 10:42 a.m. It was a mistake to have ordered the “lumberjack breakfast,” a meal consisting of pancakes, eggs, and three different kinds of pork. Rather than lumberjacking, I feel like lying down on the curb and napping. 547 more words


Jonathan Goldstein: On wandering the library in search of an author to plot one's life

Sunday. 9:30 a.m. Being an adult is hard.

This is the only excuse I have for forgetting to renew my driver’s licence. For the past two years. 533 more words


Nevada Tops List For Wiretaps

(Las Vegas, NV) — When it comes to electronic wiretaps, Nevada leads the nation.

According to data compiled by the Pew Research center, there were 38 phone wiretaps in the Silver State for every 500,000 people in 2013. 37 more words


Jonathan Goldstein: Embrace embarrassment, don't sit through bad movies and a few other tips for existing in the world

Saturday. 12:20 p.m. Existence: Maybe not for everybody?

Some might have excelled, really found their niche, remaining unborn. Unborn and pure. Never cheating on their income tax. 518 more words


Jonathan Goldstein: Must I do you a solid? If you ask, I will, but please don't ask

Tuesday. 5:20 p.m. Moving day in Montreal. Unlike the concurrently occurring Canada Day, it is best celebrated without friends. Especially if they are moving.

And so when the phone rings, and I see it’s Tony — who’s in the midst of a crosstown move — rather than picking up the phone, I pick up a beer. 491 more words


Intel Package

That looks very peculiar without the tuckbox guidelines, but there is the basic framework for the Gag Order tuck as well as the final back design. 57 more words


NYPD Officer Slain In Sicily In Century Old Mafia Cold Case Honored With Special Ceremony

NEW YORK(CBSNewYork) — Over 100 years later a cold case has finally been solved.

As WCBS 880’s Ginny Kosola reported, a special ceremony was held at the Calvary Cemetery to honor a slain NYPD officer. 193 more words