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Eternal Partner

Here is a truth.  Regardless of your eternal destination there is one thing certain, you have an eternal partner, YOU.  I don’t know if you have ever thought about that.  1,455 more words


We pray for 10 times more than what we deserve but are we faithful giving God the 10% that He asks of us? #LetsTalkAboutTheTithe
- M. Goodman -


Touch the Earth

There’s nothing like getting your hands in a little bit of mud.


Wednesday Wisdom No 14


This is a time of break ups and breakthroughs,
of closing old books that are read and done,
chisel away what is no longer essential, 139 more words


Wisdom Wednesday: Receiving and Giving Criticism

Have you ever met someone who gets defensive and even angry when given any amount of criticism or suggestion, even if they asked for an opinion? 441 more words


Nice Apps

MAKING doa (supplication) and engaging in the remembrance of Allah is one of the ways of gaining barakah (divine blessings) in our lives. Our pious predecessors made the habit of engaging in Zikir and making doa an integral part of their life; as a result, they moved mountains and achieved so much within the same short lifespan that people of our time live through! 172 more words


Choose Words Carefully

Every word you say
Every word you think
has an impact