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Scholars Compass - Wisdom Literature

 I recently posted three pieces in an online devotional called Scholars Compass, which is part of the Emerging Scholars Network with IVCF.

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Views of Justice amongst the winners and the losers.

What is true Justice?
Sometime ago I stumbled upon a quote which intrigued and stuck to me. It referred to justice, it referred to a common phrase which we all know “justice shall prevail”. 1,367 more words

The Tradition of Wisdom for Today: a Relational Theology of Science

“Do you have wisdom to count the clouds?” asks the voice of God from the whirlwind, within the stunningly beautiful catalogue of nature-questions in the Old Testament Wisdom Book of Job. 1,515 more words


Bible study on the Book of Job...the first of 5 planned sessions...

Job Studies I, Yamhill United Methodist Church. 9/14/14


  • Book of Job, any Bible will do. I use the Jerusalem Bible version published by Doubleday for its voluminous notes.
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Science Policy from Wisdom: A Worked Example in GM Technology

Faith and Wisdom in Science is that we are missing a ‘cultural narrative’ for science that would support a positive and balanced public ownership and discussion of new technology.  1,573 more words