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Losing My Wisdom

I have an intense fear of the dentist (which I will write about at a later date) so I put off getting my wisdom teeth removed for six years.   1,274 more words

WISDOM TEETH: Maurizio Cattelan

“A great artist copies without showing his sources! Originality doesn’t exist by itself. It is an evolution of what is produced. It’s like the Darwinian evolution of walking.

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Contemporary Art

Braces at 35? It’s not as bad as you think

You can think of yourself as dentally blessed if you just grew a set of straight teeth.

Forget a tiny waist and flowing locks – they can be faked (think Spanx and hair extensions). 616 more words


Tomorrow I Become a Little Less Wise...

At the age of 24, I thought I was past the point of needing to get my wisdom teeth out. I was wrong. Tomorrow, I have to go in and have them removed. 248 more words


Losing my wisdom

Back when I was 21, I went to get my wisdom teeth removed before I got kicked off my parents’ dental insurance. The plan was to get all four taken out and have it all over with, but of course, the best laid plans often go to waste. 733 more words

South Korea

Wisdom Teeth Amputee

On Friday, January 9th, I became an amputee. All four of my wisdom teeth were dug out of my gums and yanked from my mouth. The oral surgeon gave me laughing gas and anesthesia, so I have no memory of the surgery at all. 468 more words


Life Update

It’s a week after my wisdom teeth surgery, and I feel terrible. My teeth only hurt if I talk (which I do a lot), but the real issue is my fever. 236 more words