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Wholly hole-y

I write to you from the lonely wasteland that is my bed. The reason for this is simple, I have had my wisdom teeth pulled. Wholly hole-y. 304 more words


The Worst X-Men Superpower Ever: A Tale in Five Stages

I. denial

There are very few situations in which being led blindly down a poorly-lit hall in a lead smock to be left alone in a small room with radiation permeating your face would be acceptable.

571 more words
Past Experience

Expectations vs Reality

I’m a nervous person. Always have been, and probably always will. If I have to do something I have never done before — something new and unknown — I’ll get myself all worked up about it. 365 more words


Web Junk: NSFW Girl Rants After Getting Wisdom Teem Out

Everything comes out after anesthesia! Including after getting your wisdom teeth out! I remember waking up screaming J-Lo because my lips felt like they were taking over my face. 71 more words


I Love People On Anesthesia, This Girl Is Hilarious At The Dentists Office

I once told a dentist that I would whip his you know what in golf when I got my wisdom teeth pulled.

But this young lady takes it to a whole new level. 23 more words


Anesthesia Girl Wants To Be a Kardashian, Have Sex With Ryan Gosling [VIDEO]

This poor girl just had her wisdom teeth removed and her checks were still stuffed with cotton while somebody filmed her waking up from anesthesia. She had some CRAZY STUFF to say, like confessing to her mom that she wants to have sex with Ryan Gosling! 93 more words