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Determining cost While Extracting wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth cost depends on varying factor. To name some- upon the expert entrust to conduct the surgery, the way the post surgical complications are looked after, the process involved in taking out the teeth and last but not the least the care provided overall. 301 more words

Wisdom Teeth Extraction.

My Story: Bad Breath, Needles, & Healing

In my twenty-three years of living, I’ve been to the dentist six times. That’s it. My first visit was around 12 years old. This shocks most people, but let me ease your fears: I have 0 cavities, all of my teeth are in good shape, and I don’t have bad breath (most of the time). 1,222 more words

Lose Wisdom, Gain Wisdom

I’m a changed woman… Changed in the sense that I have four less teeth than I did one week ago. I didn’t like them anyways. 762 more words

Wisdom Teeth Saga: The Surgery Itself (Take One)

Alternate Title: When Things Get Gross


After feeling fairly certain that the first oral surgeon I consulted would kill me and hide my body in the break room mini-fridge, the next surgeon I saw was actually a bigwig at a local military hospital who works out of the dentist’s office in my work building one or two evenings a week. 484 more words

On Talking and Listening

Today is the third day since my wisdom tooth minor surgery. As the saying goes, “Expect the Unexpected”. Did it go through my mind that I might get a minor surgery. 695 more words

Anything Goes

Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth?

The last teeth to develop can cause havoc for the rest of your healthy mouth. Yet there’s growing controversy about whether we really need to have them taken out. 1,163 more words

Clean Teeth

The Fear

Tuesday started like most Tuesday’s. I woke up, showered, got in the car, drove to Fremantle. But wait, I don’t work in Fremantle! That is because I had a dreaded appointment I’d been preparing myself for for two months. 457 more words