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A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.

-English Proverb

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Fragrance of Sage


fragrance of sage
permeates the garden
in moonlight
I search for wisdom
even among the weeds


Published Bamboo Hut  Vol 2 Issue 1
September 2014



When the prodigal daughter returns, best to honour she who has learned her lesson in equal measure to she who has been responsible the entire time.  15 more words

Stand Tall

Success is not measured by how tall we stand but how strong we stood back up after a fall.


'Holistic' Education

The wool-felt fedora hat tipped awkwardly and my grip on the bullwhip loosened as I slid along the rugged edges of a limitless cavern. This chasm was concealed shrewdly by architects of ‘The New Age’! 432 more words


Bruised but not Broken

I appreciate Sheryl Underwood so much for choosing to reveal this secret on The Talk. She elegantly stated what is often hard to say about growing through negativity and criticism from others. 25 more words

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