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Life is all about Energy and Vibrations

Life is all about energy and vibrations. We all vibrate at a different level. God is all about energy and vibrations. Even the deepest scientific study confirms this fact about life. 1,307 more words


How You React

React calmly, positively and with enthusiasm!!!


FtF Day 10: Hormones!

While I understand that men have hormones too, I have to say that women really got the short end of the stick on this one. Theirs help them loose weight, ours tend to not. 432 more words

Life Lesson

Love People

Sometimes I surf the internet. One picture will motivate me to visit a site next thing I know it is midnight.  I have been noticing over the past decades there are a lot of really gorgeous children being born.   730 more words


Guest Post - Slow Down and Breathe, Big People… Life is What You Make It

I am a year old. I made it one year already, and Mama says I have many to go hopefully, and that one day a long, long time from now I will get to be a giant person like her and Daddy. 553 more words