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Overcoming anxiety

Amid the various theories concerning all manner of psychological and emotional problems, it is no wonder that in these days the market for psychotropic pharmaceuticals is a bourgeoning industry. 538 more words

Biblical Living

Mimir’s spring

The well of wisdom near the roots of the great ash tree Yggdrasil.

When All's Said and Done

I shot this in January while staying at the Grand Lucayan Resort located on the beautiful Grand Bahama Island. I would highly recommend this resort which is by far the most beautiful one the island. 74 more words


Tarot Hero’s Journey: The Hermit

The next step on our journey to awakening is The Hermit. An old man dressed as a monk holds a lantern that lights his way. 346 more words


“Wisdom exists everywhere if you look close enough.”
My dad often told the younger me.
There are very fews thing I hated more than vague speech and one of them is vague fatherly advice, and alas, how my dad loves giving those metaphorical, idiomatic life lessons :| 229 more words

Inside The Capital


Looks like it’s one of those nights where you can’t sleep, and your mind decides to think about everything and anything. Tonight my mind is trying to comprehend, or further understand-I guess, the concept of emotions and why they are so powerful. 304 more words


Copyright Infringement: A Warning to all Authors

I would like to share a letter sent to me by a fellow independent author, who wishes to remain anonymous, about a website claiming to be promoting independent authors, when in reality it appears that they are offering free downloads of the work of dozens of us. 816 more words

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I'm not a published author, but I would be if it were easy to get published. I know how demanding the publishing world is. It can be hard to sell a book—talk about supply and demand. The demand is pretty conditional. It's hard enough to get published as it is. It's even harder when websites infringe upon copyrights and "promote" your work without asking. I rebloged the post below as per Tim Baker's request to all his readers, and I only ask that you do as your circumstance dictates. Let's end copyright infringements now!