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Know Your Body

Everyones body reacts differently to different types of diets. There isn’t a “golden diet” which anyone can eat to put on mass or to burn fat because we have different body types and metabolisms. 210 more words


January 30.15 ethot

Job 18:8 (1-21) “For he is thrown into the net by his own feet,

What are you doing?

Yesterday we were looking at our need to remain focused on our God given objectives and how this can keep us from being distracted into making terrible mistakes. 466 more words


A realistic understanding of the world

When asked why I believe in Christianity and follow the Bible, I tell people that I can’t find an alternative worldview that corresponds with reality as comprehensively as the true account of Christianity. 203 more words

Christian Worldview

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Mai hoʻokaumaha: Don't worry

A friend of mine is anxiously looking for a new job, because she’s worried about getting laid off. She’s making job hunting her primary focus, and she’s putting everything else in her life – socializing, hobbies, traveling – on hold. 358 more words


Getting the most out of life...

Do you want to live a good, full life? I think if we were all honest, we would give a resounding, “Yes!” to this question. Wouldn’t you? 526 more words

Freedom From Fear

African woman

African woman
Shade of vanilla, caramel, deep chocolate woman.
Skin smooth as cocoa butter lady
Sipping lemonade in the shade
Dont ever be afraid
To wear your curls… 64 more words