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World Cup - Gambling

So today I’m watching this world cup and so glad that Germany won! Well sorry to say this but I’m not a fan of soccer, but looking at this final match, I almost have a heart attack at some moments! 162 more words


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Once again it’s time for the new Friday Fictioneers’ weekly story challenge. This weekly challenge is to write a story with no more than 100 words. 167 more words

Pick Your Facial Wipes Wisely: Dr. Lin Skincare Acne Cleansing Wipes

Wipes have exploded. They’;re so easy to use on the go, and when you happen to be like me and effortlessly break out if you never cleanse correct after sweating, they are critical, so it’;s great to have so many choices on the marketplace. 11 more words

Survey: What is a "real man" anyway?

If you don’t listen to Dr. Laura Schlessinger, you should. She’s a very popular relationship counselor, and I personally think she’s brilliant.

“Dr. Laura delivers a no-nonsense, all-common sense approach to modern living, while providing a moral compass for those courageous enough to take responsibility for their own lives and make a commitment to place family values first.”

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Boxes In War HD: Choose Wisely, Commander!

Price: Free
Boxes in War HD

Here at Droid Rush, we don’t really hide the fact that we’re absolutely smitten with any and all puzzlers for the Android platform. 532 more words


Trusting the Lord of Time

Today’s reading covers the first six chapters of Ecclesiastes. Some people find the book too depressing that they question its inclusion to the canon. Wrong. The Book when correctly understood offers a God-centered worldview that can turn one’s meaningless existence into a jubilant, meaningful and God-honoring life. 770 more words

Kelsey: Employing Our Time Wisely by Decoration Themes

Julie and I will end up with a seventeen-month engagement. We began off sturdy, embracing the idea of front-loading the tension. We got our venue, we got our food truck, we found our photographer. 32 more words