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Crowbar “Walk With Knowledge Wisely”

Crowbar have released “Walk With Knowledge Wisely,” the first single from their new album, Symmetry in Black. You can stream it below. Now I’m going to say something, and I don’t want anyone to get offended, because I honestly don’t mind, but… yeah, it’s new Crowbar. 110 more words

Choose your Basement Waterproofing NJ contractor wisely

If you are looking for a Basement Waterproofing NJ contractor, then we strongly recommend you to choose only the best contractor for this work. We recommend this, because if your selected basement waterproofing contractor does not have enough experie…

How to wisely cheat with marked cards

We poker addicts know that we can use marked poker cards to win in gambling in casino, but usually poker cards in casino are not ours, so in this post it tells us the skills of cheating with marked cards. 245 more words

It's on our side, we're just in the nick of it, and it's sure flying...

I was robbed this weekend, friends. It was quick – literally a thief in the night. When I woke up, it took a bit to realize that it had happened. 868 more words

Investing Wisely

One thing that I like to do is conceptualize relationships through an investment perspective. The truth is that some people are good investments and others are not. 285 more words