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On my wish list.

I’m currently blogging from my bed. I’ve taken a personal day and am spending my time today trying to decide what I want in life and plan on how to get there. 139 more words


July Wish List

July Wish List by geraniumclub featuring flat shoes

It has been quite a while since I have posted a wish list so here we go: my three most wanted items of July. 180 more words

Introducing: Newly-designed user profiles & personal URLs

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen more and more people save races and add photos on Gametiime. Not only is it a joy for us to see all the accomplishments you’re achieving, it’s also clear to see the value these features have to you as Gametiime users. 572 more words


Social Wish List: Livefyre Comments Post to Google+

Social commenting is a great thing. It allows people to bring in other people to the conversation, allowing for a deeper, richer understanding.

And that’s one of the reasons why I love… 494 more words

Social Media

#WishList 21 Julio

Cuestan estos lunes en los que te pones a cotillear las imágenes en Instagram mientras estás en la oficina y ves como el 80% de las fotografías son de playas con aguas cristalinas, todos tumbados al sol como lagartos y tardes en las terrazas acompañadas de una cervecita bien fresquita….y en esos momentos te dices a ti misma que te queda poco, que es cuestión de días y que pronto estarás en esa situación….#ilusa. 145 more words



When I saw this bag I literally fell in love with it. I have always wanted a Michael Kors bag but I didn’t know which one to choose because they’re all amazing; now I know that this is the one that I want. 40 more words



Kintsukuroi is a concept very close to my heart. Like these pieces, my body bears the marks of having been broken and put back together again (multiple times). 199 more words