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Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (28 photos)

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Looks like Dave from Chive Nation has been taking some tips from my boyfriend post.


“Get me a cloth bag and a pair of boots too. I will show you what I can do for you.”

Puss in Boots, e-future, p7

Bunny's wish

Bunny said that if he could have one wish, he would ask for a magic spoon that feeds him whatever he wants.


He shakes his shoulders and breathes deeply, eyes steadfast on the glass before him. It’s routine. Normal. Casual. A bit heartbreaking as he observes the features staring straight back at him. 722 more words

My Writings

A birthday greeting card

I love this photograph of white flowers I took some time ago at my mother-in-law’s:

I don’t know why I like it so much, maybe because of the two-toned background which gives a crisp effect to the flowers on the left side of the picture and a soft effect on the right where in fact the flowers are almost the same color of the background in some places… 55 more words


the wish

i’ve always wanted to bleed poetry

maybe if i
slit open my veins,
trade out the stardust,
it will finally come true..


Dear Diary - Happy Birthday

Dear Diary,

Today is my birthday! A big milestone one, but a good one. Ending a bad, but also wonderful era of my life and so ready to begin my new life with Christ, my daughter, and I pray that I will with my spouse. 488 more words