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Demi Lovato Recieves Birthday Wishes From Famous Friends!

Demi Lovato celebrates her 22nd birthday today, and some of her famous friends have taken time out of their day to send her some sweet b-day wishes! 61 more words

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Poem: I'd sip coffee

I don’t need to hear from you every second of every day,
because God only knows there’s only so much you can say.
I’m a sucker for the little things like a good morning text, 270 more words

Best Friend

Wishful Wednesdays [Glitz]

As I attempt to be a better blogger and number one on your “daily read” thread….I’m going to start bringing you:


Basically, I just pull three wants from my… 98 more words


Review: The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

The Fire Wish by Amber Lough

The war between the jinnis and the humans has been going on for years.  Najwa is a young jinni who is being specially trained in covert operations and visiting the human world.  Zayele is a human, selected to marry a  prince whom she’s never met.  When the two of them meet, Zayele makes a wish on Najwa and switches their places.  Now Zayele is the jinni, living among other jinnis in the crystal caves under the earth and Najwa is the human, heading for marriage to a prince.  The two must keep themselves secret, both knowing that they will be killed by the people around them if they are discovered.  But war and love make everything more complicated and the two discover secrets about themselves and their worlds that will change everything. 206 more words

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The Plan

So far, this year has been grand. I got out of jail, fell in love again, and planted daisies in my backyard. No, seriously.

After the… 253 more words


Can I has?

This is what happens when I stay up way (way) past my bedtime. 

I plan my dream house. 

I absolutely adore this mezzanine styled library! Not only does it have a spiral staircase (sqee) and a rolling ladder (double sqee) it also has a divine window. 70 more words



As of today, the 10 day countdown begins till my 25th Birthday! August 29 to be exact. I am quite excited for this day! While I do realize that I am getting older and turning a quarter of a century old.. 621 more words