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Night On The Beach





waves prowl

the beach looking for

living things missed

by the last phalanx

to scrub the shore

hoping to carry them… 49 more words


Three Places (2014)

1. The ones where you want to go.

2. The ones where you’ve been.

3. The one where you are now.


To roam-

To return to home sweet home.


Little cozy cursives

It has been raining incessantly. And that makes me want to write something warm and nice. Something which I could write while looking at the raindrops outside my open window, from where our houseguest, Mr Cat keeps a watch on the neighbourhood. 57 more words


Wishing upon stars

There are some parts of childhood that I refuse to let go, and I’m perfectly fine with admitting that.

Because I don’t believe in not believing. 797 more words


What do I want? Now that I’m back in the dating scene, it seems important to stop and have a think about what it is I’m actually looking for. 608 more words


My Life Is Plagued By So Many Unfulfilled Wishes

I wish I were better at drawing. I always liked to draw, but I never really put in too much practice, the kind of dedicated time and effort needed to take any sort of talent or hobby and turn it into something better. 781 more words