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My Life Is Plagued By So Many Unfulfilled Wishes

I wish I were better at drawing. I always liked to draw, but I never really put in too much practice, the kind of dedicated time and effort needed to take any sort of talent or hobby and turn it into something better. 781 more words

You think you know

Don’t wish for someone else’s life because of the thought it might be better.
That very person could be wishing they have what you take for granted.


Birthday Runs and Wishes

I feel like I have so much to say and no time to say it.  I should start by thanking everyone who has continued to read all my posts and comment during this busy and trying time.   550 more words



If I were a bird just for one day

I would fly through the sky in every which way

Blue skies and grey and yellow with sun… 54 more words


My Feelings right now.

Wishing – the sheets I started washing hours ago were dry now.

Exhausted – I don’t know why.  It’s really not that late.

Wondering – How am I going to drink 6 glasses of water on an empty stomach before 9:00 in the morning? 9 more words

Why Can't I...?

As much as I hate to admit it…during this new chapter in my life I’ve developed a nasty little habit. Okay, fine…two habits. The first is becoming addicted to expensive granola bars. 440 more words


I Wished For A Dragon (and got one)

My fourth grade class took a field trip into Chinatown. Our guide was well-suited for a bunch of nine year olds, starting off by telling us to keep our eyes peeled for a dragon. 773 more words