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Why do we Wish?

Why do we wish? Why do we call out into the boundless nothingness of our minds, asking, demanding satisfaction?

Whenever we feel scared or alone or hurt, we take all that angst, terror, longing and roll it into a ball, tighter and tighter, until it reaches critical mass. 142 more words

Poem: Let's Pretend This Isn't...

…I’m bad at attempting to hide the fact that

I tend to look in the direction of your figure because

that space pulls at my neck, my eyes, my mind… 214 more words

Law of Attraction: Thinking your wishes only once

It’s seriously difficult to not get consumed in negative thoughts at least once a day. I try to view all seemingly bad situations in a positive light, but sometimes I feel like I’m just doing wishful thinking. 625 more words

Little Dog on a Full Moon

With his uncombed wiry hair and little tongue lopped to the side

he jumped and he jumped and he ran and he ran like a crazy… 208 more words


Not What I Expected

While at a function not that long ago, I was introduced to a female who was smartly dressed. Her name did not ring any bells as far as being a member of the faculty went and she didn’t have that academic look to her. 275 more words


These photographs of the Amalfi coast from What Katie Ate make me want to book a ticket to Italy right. this. second.