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Graphic Novel Review: Witch Doctor, Mal Practice by Brandon Seifert

The Witch Doctor, Vincent Morrow is back, and as much as bad ass he was on volume 1. This time around he is endangered and vulnerable as an unidentified parasite is implanted in his body. 261 more words

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Sunstrike my ghosties.

  1. Death Prophet, solo, win
  2. Luna, party, loss
  3. Witch Doctor, party, loss
  4. NP, unranked, win
  5. Luna, Unranked, win

Solo MMR: 2891          Group MMR: 3104

Well, I learned that Death Prophet doesn’t win against exort invoker, at least when I play her XD. 113 more words


The Prayer of a Haitian Woman

by Bill Rudge

Outside of a witch doctor’s hut in Haiti a woman sounded agitated when I was getting ready to pray with all the people gathered in the midst of a voodoo village. 161 more words


Rockin' the Doc

  1. Witch Doctor, group, win
  2. Windrunner, group, loss

I learned how to be awesome on Witch Doctor while solo supporting! No but seriously, I usually don’t do that well at WD, and I owned everyone with him this game! 46 more words

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Graphic Novel Review: Witch Doctor, Under the Knife by Brandon Seifert

Once in a while I manage to find a graphic novel that really blows me out of the water and make me say “what the F#@$” several times. 282 more words

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Sam Seder: Andrea Tantaros' Ebola "Witch Doctor" Comment

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros made a comment about Ebola recently and made a claim about Liberians who don’t believe in “traditional medical care” and who use “witch doctors.”

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My Little Pony CCG - Diablo III Is Magic - Card Game Review

I’m gonna. I’m gonna make a picture.
It’s going to be totally. Umm.
This isn’t quite going how I expected.
All right. It’s. This is it. 465 more words