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Can't stop name-calling: Kathy Korte calls me "witch", deletes tweets

Yesterday, when I tweeted about a handful of comments Albuquerque Public Schools board member Kathy Korte had made at parents and students (calling the people she supposedly represents “whiny” and “jerks”) she became irate and called me an “anonymous witch”.  327 more words


Full Moon Name Game

I am not an Esbat fan. From the earliest days of my witchery I was really confusing with all the conflicting information I ran into. And maybe it’s just me, but hear me out. 710 more words


Torn in Two - FF#24

“I’m not sure how much more of this I can take,” Cynthia said, stretching her long, jean clad legs in front of her. Her feet were bare, which was so rare she knew her friend still had trouble processing the sight of her polish-free toes. 1,003 more words


Strange Rain

This is a follow-up to Strange Brew.

* * *

Miss Hill got off the subway near midtown. The station smelled of exhaust fumes, oil, and stale sweat as she was carried along by the mob of humanity like a small cork in a swift stream. 460 more words

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Balance Your Chakras Using Affirmations

As anyone who knows about chakras will tell you, it is our thoughts, which create our reality. This is the basis for magick as well, which may help to explain why so many witches have studied and learned to use their chakras within their magick. 628 more words