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Invoking Vasilisa the Brave

In August I prepared a simple ritual to make contact with Baba Yaga and to ask her three questions. In stories about her (if you are so lucky to make it into her hut alive and unharmed) she will allow you to ask her three questions, but be warned – if you are nosy or too curious about her servants or her workings, she will not be kind to you! 1,590 more words

Baba Yaga

Saturn Returns with his scythe of Death

Death has always been the one thing I have struggled with accepting my whole life. In the first part of my life up until about age 24, I was obsessed with my Own death and seeking it out or tempting it to find me. 454 more words

Baba Yaga

the Wychwood - Praise to Baba Yaga

Four months ago on a new moon I invoked Vasilisa the Brave to beseech Baba Yaga’s wisdom on chronic pain, fear of death and resolving unnecessary anxiety. 673 more words

Baba Yaga

Meeting Art - the Sister of Death

Words and Images from 2007 – © Copyright Venefica Luna

She extended her lithe, pale, Botticelli fingers to me when the leaves were falling from sleepy trees. 340 more words

Baba Yaga

A Conversation With Death

Words and Images from 2007 – © Copyright Venefica Luna

In the shadow of the crooked tree, she haunts me.
Through valley and field she haunts me, suspended above the earth so her long dark skirts do not collect the dew of night-flowers and become heavy. 551 more words

Baba Yaga

Dreaming Big with Feelings of... well... uncertainty **PART 1**

Who of you here reading this post believe we’re not the only “beings” on this Earth(besides the animals we share the Planet with)?

I know this sounds awful crazy to most, although I have been lead to believe that we humans in physical form do share the Planet Earth with beings which can be classified as paranormal. 492 more words

Pinkie's Brew

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