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Some Romani Easter traditions!

Whatever y’all are up to today, I hope it’s a good day. 

“Out of concern for health, Roma eat lighter vegetarian dishes in addition to the heavy meat dishes on a feast day. 283 more words

Blessed Easter!

The whole world is celebrating Easter weekend and, of course, it suits our Northern Hemisphere allies, who are celebrating Ostara. Because we are into Autumn rather than Spring in the Southern Hemisphere, the weekend is less important to us. 250 more words

Fight the hounds of Hell


TOP: OVH – Black Collection – #01

SHOES:*CASHMERE*HeartofGlass Platforms

JACKET:Emery – Leather Jacket Saul (Alpha Layer)

BAG:-Pixicat- LipBag nr.2 (Rose)

BOTTOMS: ::C’est la vie !:: Rolled pants(dot black)


Macbeth Act I Scene III

That my Macbeth :D
Yeah I’m the creepy witch in the middle :D

Use the little arrows bottom left to forward. My one is the fifth one. 16 more words

The Importance of Ritual Bathing

The Importance of Ritual Bathing

Imagine you could enhance your magick working with a simple process. How? Your ritual bath. It’s important because it puts you into the right frame of mine before you perform ritual. 437 more words

Moonwater Silverclaw

label makers.. the ranting of a madwitch..

What is the point of sticking a label on ourselves? I’ve never been much on it as far as ego and the like, but sometimes it makes things so much the easier in getting a point across. 408 more words

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