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A Couple More Dolls for Halloween

Thought I would post a couple of pics of my most recent dolls. The witch was made from a pattern I got on line. The Jack-o-Lantern doll is my own design.

Doll Making

Oblivion's Assassin

Screeching violins and a pounding drumbeat bled into Nevaeh’s bones. Ominous notes from a piano joined the melody. The rich patrons around her smiled easily and tried to continue their usual gossip. 761 more words


Night Panic

“Standing by the rushes, the wind whipping her hair, she strained her ears for the noise that had lured her from the house. It surely wasn’t a water bird, with their mournful warbling, or a fisher cat, whose scream could curdle cream. 64 more words


Reading Corner: The Hollows series / Kim Harrison

The Hollows is a series of supernatural mystery novels written by Kim Harrison and narrated by Rachel Morgan, who is red-headed and reckless. To gloss over the self-consciously absurd history of The Hollows universe, basically in this world, supernaturals have ‘come out of the coffin’ in recent decades and are living in an uneasy truce with humans. 214 more words


Day at the Museum Part 2

Now where was I?

Ah yes. The wooden mask had just opened it’s hollow wooden eye and was giving me the once over. Now with things going, well crazy. 1,688 more words


Witchery: Meet Our Furry Feline Family (with Cat Welcoming Spell)

Bringing home a new feline is always an exciting time for many, but for a witch, it is especially exciting. Whether your new family member is a pedigreed feline, picked and purchased from a breeder, a newly beloved rescue in need of a good home, or anything in-between, it does not matter. 1,681 more words