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I witch for water.
Walking blindly,
I concentrate on my effort.
I am desperate,
you say.

     You watch for rain.
     Staring blindly,
     you believe it will come. 37 more words


Lammas - Non-Ritual Celebrations

  • Well Dressing – If there is a well or spring near you you may wish to decorate it with flowers to give thanks for the water’s purity.
  • 44 more words

It's the little things

Okay, I am all for casting spells to change the weather and turn people into toads, but honestly, to me, magic is about the little things. 283 more words


What The Heck is Lammas Anyway

Lammas or sometimes called by it’s much longer more fancy name that I can’t pronounce properly is Lughnasadh. It’s the celebration of the oncoming harvest in association with the celtic god Lugh. 494 more words



I was contacted recently by Fade Arcade of Fade Arcade Designs, a Second Life designer and template creator, asking if I would like to blog some of his creations. 167 more words

Autumn Ashdene