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Embodying the Wild, Confronting Death

I was just pointed, by way of Rhyd Wildermuth’s post on climate change, to Peter Gray’s “Rewilding Witchcraft.” Here are a couple of the best quotes: 792 more words


Witch Hazel 8

            A strong feeling of something wrong or even danger woke me with a jolt from my sleep. It was evening, a darkness was settling on the forest. 792 more words


Alter Shelf

Way back when I started I wanted an alter. No, not a crumby table standing ominous in the middle of the room dedicated to whatever patron floated my boat, but something that I could leave my ‘stuff’ on undisturbed. 790 more words


Devils and Witches were DESTROYED! Black Magic and Voodoo are gone!

A few might still hang on to their evil abilities, but will loose them once their mind hears, that it is no longer possible. They all became Oximorons.

King Changes The World

Where The Mind Is Full of Fear

I’m a happy day dreamer. This isn’t only because the Moon happened to be in the friendly neighbourhood of Pisces when I was born, but also because I can’t dream at night. 645 more words

What Does "Witch" Really Mean?

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. It’s one thing to call oneself a Witch, it’s another thing entirely to walk the path of the Witch. 375 more words

Personal Truth

Goody White update: Miniature Unlocked, Next Stretch Goal Announced

Goody White’s Book of Folk Magic has hit its $4,000 stretch goal, unlocking the pewter miniature by Jason Wiebe.

Next up is the $5,000 stretch goal to add another 16 pages of folk remedies to the book. 45 more words

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