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Magickal Preparations for Winter

1.  Cleanse each room of energy debris…The negative stuff, the dark and ugly energy lurking in the corners and beneath the couch and chairs, the energy that hides in the cubbies and closets and scares those children who sense it…smudge, incense, burn candles, and bring out that magickal broom– sweep, sweep, sweep that space clean.  646 more words


Craft Your Own Spell Class

Hi All, I’m substituting for Talon this week, and so as a continuation of last week’s class Exercises for Spell and Energy Workers , I’ve decided that we can do a “phase 2″ of the same topic this week.   171 more words


Morgana (Or, how I learned to stop worrying and love my name)

In Utero, I am pink little shapeshifter. My eyes may not yet be formed, my fingers may be stuck together. It may have been long before that, the merest suggestion of a sex before the ultrasound pegged me wrongly as a boy-to-be. 731 more words


Siedr: The Gate is Open

Siedr: The Gate is Open by Katie Gerrard was my introduction to the Nordic shamanistic tradition of siedr and remains one of my favorites. Though I am a witch and an animist, I find it necessary to journey forth with a healthy sense of skepticism and I do not appreciate opinions being passed off as historic fact. 172 more words


Exercises for Spell and Energy Workers

This Thursday (Oct 16) I will be facilitating PPW using exercises from this great little book by Mya Om called “Energy Essentials for Witches and Spellcasters… 130 more words