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"Can you recommend a coven for me to join/like-minded people for me to meet/a nearby pagan festival?"

“The answer is to search for a community first, not a coven. No matter how secluded you think you are where you live, you can find a community.” — Sarah Ann Lawless… 195 more words


The Witch's Desk: Books, Crystals, Healing, Enchanting Jewelry, Etc.

All questions are posted as received, no editing (except to delete identities), as all questions are posted anonymously.  You can contact me through the submission form in the side-bar on the home page at my website… 468 more words

Of Snakes and Journeys

A year ago I began down a path through otherworlds and underworlds, where visions flowed like water from a tap. I met gods and spirits and came to know my disir, my ancestral and  family spirits, who guided my journey as a wolf, shark, and snake.  395 more words


Tara Rice: No Harm

This fabulous Pagan singer/songwriter from Toronto contacted me with this awesome song and music video.  And she didn’t ask me to do anything other than look at it.   7 more words