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Happy Mabon

Mabon – the day of the year when the god of light is defeated by his twin and alter-ego, the god of darkness (Autumn Equinox of equal day and night) 533 more words


Saturday Word of the Day: Galoot

*Galoot: an awkward, eccentric or foolish person

“Urgh, get out of the way you big galoot, you lummox, you big dolt!”

He blinks at her. His big soft, fiery eyes flickering open and close. 368 more words

Saturday Word Of The Day

On the Eve of Mabon - from Wild Water Spirit blog

Click on the picture for the article from my covenmate Spiritsong Clara Munro

General Pagan

Reconstructing Folk Practices

For those of us who are reconstructing folk practices, the path is not an easy one.

We have to trawl through books trying to find crumbs of the practices that might be reconstructed. 27 more words

Quercus Robur

The Approach of Autumn

Autumn weather has finally come to North Texas and the blistering heat of Summer seems to have dissipated. In an area of the world where days over 100º F are not only common but expected for what seem like unending stretches of Summer, it’s easy to forget nature exists here. 72 more words