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Etsy Friday: it's baaaaack

This is one of my older items, the listing on it expired a couple months ago, and I decided to re-list it, so here it is. 147 more words


WOTC Extra – Drawing Down Lunar Energy

Drawing Down Lunar Energy

Drawing down the moon means that you are tapping into the energy of lunar power and using it to fill yourself, fill an object, or power a spell. 297 more words

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Let's Talk Witch – Drawing Down and Aspecting Deities

Drawing Down and Aspecting Deities

This article looks at aspecting deities and drawing down lunar energy. Learn how to safely invoke the essence of a deity into your own body for a variety of purposes, such as divination, guidance, communion, and others. 471 more words

Daily Posts


Leading an untamed life…

Loving with a passion that borders on almost-aggressive

Renown for her wisdom and equal footing with men

She comes from a Tribe of Powerful and Independent Women… 56 more words

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Adette Price Chapter 4: Seriously, a tree?

That’s right folks. It’s time for the next installment of Adette and Karl. In order to save some poor hapless girl she gets accosted by shrubbery. 8 more words

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Welcome to Our Newest Exhibits on Witchcraft

***A Review of Wrapped in Black: Thirteen Tales of Witches and the Occult.  Edited by Jennifer L. Greene and published by Sekhmet Press LLC***

Welcome to the midnight showing of our newest exhibits at the Museum of the Bizarre and Strange.   735 more words

Magickal Preparations for Winter

1.  Cleanse each room of energy debris…The negative stuff, the dark and ugly energy lurking in the corners and beneath the couch and chairs, the energy that hides in the cubbies and closets and scares those children who sense it…smudge, incense, burn candles, and bring out that magickal broom– sweep, sweep, sweep that space clean.  646 more words