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7" Cast Iron Cauldron with Pentagram

Pentagram Cast Iron Cauldron 7″

This is a very heavy cauldron. Ideal for leaving on your permanent alter. Stands 7 inches tall.

Cast iron with a pentacle set into its opposing faces, and intended as an ritual aid for bringing your different spell components together. 6 more words

The Corpus Cat Chapter Ten of Thirteen

The Corpus Cat

Mr. Binger

Chapter Ten of Thirteen

More cryptic than the moment when Dana walked through the front door of this establishment, Rainbow tells her, “Time is the same across all the dimensions.” 1,558 more words



She blends the grounded power of the earth with the whispers of wisdom she found in the spirit winds

Align with the soul of the animal she has chosen to work together in harmony with… 152 more words

Magickal Arts

Invisible Cleaning

I spent this weekend doing the kind of cleaning that only I am likely to notice.

I moved furniture and chased down a whole burrow of dust bunnies. 288 more words


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What Is This All About, I Mean, Really?

There’s just something about purging my closet that really lights a fire in my brain (in a good way, not an icky way). I feel lighter, more inspired. 920 more words

Transformative 30

Pagan Homeschooling Resources

This is going to be an on-going post updated as I find new information, resources, and websites to add to it. This is partly for my own records, but also for sharing with others. 469 more words