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Banning Books

Are you kidding me!? Seriously this is wrong on so many levels. I love Corrie Ten Boom’s books. I discovered her when I was digging for info on my family, and learned of my Jewish roots. 64 more words


Trip report: Witches and Wicked Bodies

As I mentioned in my previous post, my wife and I were in London last weekend, so after going to the V&A on Saturday we met up with friend… 877 more words

Church Gone Wild

I get asked alot why I left mainstream Christianity, and here is one really good example. Dumbass men who have no concept of what being a Pastor truly means. 451 more words



Claim your own power

Do what you choose

Serving no Master

Just your own Will

Embracing the source emanating from within you

Being of might and intelligence… 76 more words

Magickal Arts

The Bogomils in Southern France

Arnold of Brescia, Abelard’s most gifted student, leaned against the papacy. He wanted the church to return to the form of the first Christian congregations. With wild enthusiasm the people listened to his teachings, that the power of the church should only be spiritual, as Christ had wanted it and for the first time the unheard of battle cry resounded, “Rome must be free!” Pope Lucius II was killed and his successor, Eugene III had to flee in order to escape the vengeance of the people. 1,396 more words


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Interesting you also celebrate Michaelmas as i have done secretly as a Witch for decades. In fact Monday eve i went to the St Michael's German Lutheran church in the Burg for a celebration and social there, met the Bishop of southern PA and had a great time with the Pastor who has become a friend and took some great pics. That blog post is almost ready for publication but in the meantime i will reblog yours so ty. BB.

God Songs

I saw this is a post today and it brought to mind this. The joy of the Lord… this Divine Consciousness we call God/Goddess… is my strength and my song. 160 more words