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Witchfinder General (1968)

Whatever else it might be, Witchfinder General is not a horror. Oh, it surely was intended as such (or, shall we say, marketed as such), and it surely was perceived as such in 1968 Britain, but we shouldn’t give too much credit to historical (or even author’s) classifications. 818 more words

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England's Witch Hunts of the 1600's

The witch hunts of the 1600′s are a dark period of history. The concept and practice of the witch hunt was actively participated in, in almost all European countries. 798 more words


Soundtrack: Paul Ferris - Witchfinder General

The world famous De Wolfe Music Library are re-issuing some of the rarest and most sought after soundtracks from their 100 year history. Among them is Paul Ferris’ soundtrack to the 1968 classic… 457 more words


Matthew Hopkins - the man behind ‘The Black Hours’

Matthew Hopkins is a man whose name has gone down in history as the notorious Witchfinder General, thought to be responsible for the executions of around 200-300 women and men between 1644 and 1647. 881 more words

The Black Hours

Witchfinder General-Live 1983

Witchfinder General

Country of origin: United Kingdom Location: Stourbridge Status: Active Formed in: 1979 Genre: NWOBHM, Doom Metal Lyrical themes: Drugs, Sex, Music, Occultism, Death Current label: … 199 more words