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10 days clean - 18/12/14

In 1 hour it will be the 19th which means I will be 10 days clean from drugs, and I guess that’s something to smile about

a world of my own - 18/12/14

I was grateful to get a couple of hours sleep last night, I fell asleep before 3am and didn’t wake until nearly 6am, I felt better for it. 459 more words

yet to achieve - 18/12/14

My emotions are overwhelming at the minute. I can be perfectly fine one minute and in tears the next. Someone will say something nice to me and I break down, weird eh!! 321 more words


Today was one of the worst days I have had for a long time

I have stayed in the same place pretty much all day, I haven’t had the energy to walk around or to get food and my head is for some reason feeling very heavy. 173 more words

looking forward to better days - 16/12/14

I am feeling a little sad, I am thinking a lot about my past, what I had vs what I have now.

It is the time of the year where I miss my family the most  and when I feel the most alone. 270 more words

a little exhausted - 16/12/14

Sorry about the lack of blog posts at the minute guys

Things are tough at the moment: it’s got extremely cold out and it’s getting hard to get any sleep or rest and so I am a little exhausted… 39 more words

letting go and moving on

I have been happy today but at the same time I have been a little down.

I am happy that my life Is getting back on track and I am having more positive thoughts but I feel like a big part of me is missing and when I am not keeping myself busy it gets to me. 247 more words