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The Nature of Trust

In my work, I help organizations understand the nature of trust and how to obtain more of it.

One observation I’ve made over the years is that people tend to visualize trust in pretty narrow terms, thinking of it as a feeling of one person toward another. 922 more words


It really IS that bad

Today, I left work early and ran home. I was feeling pure panic and was nauseous.

I got home shaking, dizzy and confused. My house mate said I acted like I’d had too much speed. 266 more words

Medication Awareness


I was put on anti depressants at 13. I feel that medication can be a positive thing, but you need to be aware of your body and know when enough is enough. 416 more words


Withdrawals and Cravings

Imagine a hangover. It’s probably not that hard. Now withdrawals are the complete opposite of being drunk/hungover. Sounds wonderful right? Clear headed and refreshed?

No. … 146 more words

I got the shakes

I’m shivering, chilled to the bone, and feeling uneasy like I want to go home.

I’m flushing hot with itchy skin, aching limbs and confusion. … 184 more words

Hoping for change tomorrow!

I am soooo hoping for a med change tomorrow. I called my doc yesterday, and he was out today, but I’m 100% for sure getting a call back tomorrow. 204 more words