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Oversharing.. is not caring

So I gave up Facebook and Instagram for a week. I know it will be a bit hard.. but I had to do it.. I was not getting anything completed. 140 more words



It’s been a couple days since my last post. I reduced Ativan down .5mg on Monday. Last night I started feeling withdrawals. Good advice from me; don’t drink right after you reduce during tapering off a drug you’re physically addicted to. 300 more words


Withdrawals From Cutting Grains and Sugar

Four days ago I started my weight loss journey. It included following a Paleo lifestyle and starting a workout routine.

With only four days into it, I can say I’m having sugar withdrawals, but I know it’s temporary and that it will get easier as time passes. 329 more words


Day 15..

Well I went 2 days without Ativan, that was horrible!! So today I started taking it, just half a dose to kind of taper the withdrawals. 105 more words

My Drug of Choice

I have lived a pretty sheltered life.

I’ve never done drugs or been drunk. I have tasted alcohol but thankfully I didn’t find it appealing at all. 609 more words


Opioid dysgeusia: heaven tastes like hell

It’s pretty well established in junkie-lore that you can taste dope after your shot, even if you don’t lick the site. Something just buzzes on your tongue, and whatever flavor profile (vinegary, bitter) pops up for a brief second. 523 more words


Last week to Withdraw from a class

Just a reminder (all the way from Florida!) that Friday, October 17th, is the final day to withdraw from a Fall 2014 course using the RTF-EZ. 33 more words