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The Problematic of Language

Little more than a hundred years ago, strange as it may seem, there was no real concept of psychology. The end of the 19th century was the peak in the trajectory of the Age of Reason, the fruit of the Liberalism ripened in the western sun, and the rational mind was everything. 1,474 more words


Validity in Interpretation Chapter 3

Today we will look at the third chapter of E.D. Hirsch, Jr.’s Validity in Interpretation. In case you haven’t read the early posts, these are notes I’ve taken while reading it. 1,337 more words


Reading Gilbert Ryle 'Knowing How and Knowing That'

Text is on Scribd: http://www.scribd.com/doc/26910585/Ryle-Knowing-How-and-Knowing-That

The traditional doctrine contends that intelligence ‘knowing that’ is distinct from the practical application of intelligence ‘knowing how’. Intelligence does not influence action and is expressed in regulative propositions: I know that the car is red, for example. 1,315 more words

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Education, Neuroscience and Irreducible Uncertainty

‘Must I not begin to trust somewhere?  That is to say: somewhere I must begin with not-doubting.’ (On Certainty, §150)

‘An ‘inner process’ stands in need of outward criteria.’ (Philosophical Investigations, … 9,126 more words

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The learning, thinking brain: science-fact or science-fiction?

A review of the role of neuroscience in education and an examination of the credentials of the brain-based learning movement.

Key words: Neuroscience, brain-based learning, mereological fallacy, first-person/third-person asymmetry. 18,494 more words


Teaching Myself

I’ve survived my first week teaching. I now have such a greater respect for my professors and teachers throughout my academic career.

I never really considered how much time would go into planning how to fill an hour and a half. 700 more words


A long passage from Lynda Barry's 'What It Is':

Consider the analytical model of an art form in the last post, with its concern with the communication or expression of ideas within a medium. The idea is that core idea(s) are brought to the surface – and to an audience – through various things which constitute a language or craft within a given medium/media. 539 more words

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