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Zeke v. Derrida, Part Three: Concessions

I ended my last post with some concessions to Derridean thought, with the intention of leaving it at that and going on to address counter-arguments and conclusions.  2,515 more words



I have been trying to understand the significance of this man.

This video has been the most helpful so far (it is entertaining, informative, and both biographical and idea-oriented):

C is for Context

Context is a word I use a lot in discussing my academic work; I use it, for example, in the context of the Wittgensteinian slogan “Meaning is use in context”. 559 more words

"Changes in Sensibility"

First off, I appreciate John’s response—his attempt to continue the dialog. And I agree that there is no “killer argument” against the practice of putting human beings and animals in two, almost entirely separate containers. 896 more words

Daniel Hayes

Our man in Jarland (that's jar land)

Week three of the Copying the Masters class was all sorts of interesting. We closed the door on Michael Simon’s pitcher and moved on to two covered jars by another local Athens potter, Brooks Burgess. 1,535 more words


Practices and Morals

I am going (for once) to try to respond directly to the prior post.

I’ve got two dogs in this fight (already using animals!  Would anyone say “I’ve got two children in this fight?”) 951 more words

John McGowan

Aristotle, Wittgenstein, and Identity Politics

My blog entry on Two Kinds of Liberals raised for me a philosophical knot to be untied, implicating such formidable dead men as Aristotle and Wittgenstein. 1,456 more words

Cultural History