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The Poet-Prophet-Sage: Nietzsche and the Roles of a Philosopher

Reading the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche is sometimes like groping through an obscure, dismal cavern, stumbling over stalagmites of might-worship and elitism, bashing your head against stalactites of misogyny and misanthropy, when suddenly you find yourself in a chamber of glittering insights and inspirations, precious beyond words, so beautiful they summon tears. 992 more words



“Speech may be sublime but there’s something in the symbols.”

“Suppose someone said: every familiar word, in a book for example, actually carries an atmosphere with it in our minds, a ‘corona’ of faintly indicated uses. 83 more words

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A lot of fucked up shit is going on at the moment. I’ve tried to gather some thoughts about it all, but honestly I don’t think I have much of value to contribute to the conversation. 904 more words

Mirar i tocar: fendir el buit (a propòsit de l'obra de Javier Garcés)

L’erm o les paraules:
l’albada d’uns cossos quan callen.
Roger Costa-Pau

Hi ha un autoretrat de Javier Garcés on l’artista apareix amb la boca tapada per la seva pròpia mà. 1,808 more words


Capital considerrations

Capital is the capitalist measurement of value. Money is the counter, the objectify-er of the value of things, the means by which things are assigned relative value. 578 more words

Metaphysics and its Use

Philosophers often claim that metaphysics can state something about how the world really is, or make ontologically true/false statements. However, I think that metaphysics is useful not as an ontology, but as a methodology; namely through its practice one gains a deeper understanding about the world, though this understanding is not stated by metaphysics, it is merely shown through its use. 572 more words


I feel so tricksy! Sitting on my cluttered but comfortable patio on a blindingly bright and sunny summer day in the American desert southwest, feeling a cool dry breeze pull the moisture from the surface of my skin before it could form sweat, watching the day come to life typing away on my tablet listening to Pink sing We can learn to love again. 555 more words