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Logicomix: An Epic Search for Truth by Apostolos Doxiadis

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Imagine a history book that examines the philosophical foundations of mathematics, specifically the quest that culminated in the years leading up to the First World War to establish all mathematical reasoning on a firm logical basis. 1,159 more words


Consider - prose poem

Did the derangement of the nineteenth century French poets enhance their awarenesses or blunt them?  We understand why we think as we do because of the foundations they established to advance the idea that our environment is understood in large part by the ideas with which we understand our experience.  173 more words

What is so special about Jungian Typology?

Jungian typology has become popular worldwide. Especially with the development of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). However it’s reputation among academics is not very good. One common reason for disapproval is its lack of scientific evidence. 5,519 more words


Philosophy Forum 22/10/2014 -Ludwig Wittgenstein: Philosophical Investigations

Dear All

next week the forum will continue with the Investigations for a third week, this time considering sections 180-347. The meeting will be held in UL102 14:15-15:45 and the reading is available here.

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This fragile language

Recently when I was transcribing a piano piece using some poorly scanned old manuscripts I ran into some unexpected difficulties. As a result, I spent about half an hour on a measure that was indicated as 4/8 but kept coming out to 17/32. 231 more words


Kripke and Wittgenstein: Object and Designation

In this paper, I argue that Kripke is mistaken in classing ‘pain’ as a rigid designator and that Wittgenstein had it right in that “the grammar of the expression of sensation” cannot use the “model of ‘object’ and ‘designation’. 2,803 more words

Philosophical Meanderings

The Art of Appreciating Art

What makes a great art-work ‘great’? Of-course it is the mastering of various techniques employed, the finesse and most importantly, the message or the idea it tries to exude.  603 more words