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A long passage from Lynda Barry's 'What It Is':

Consider the analytical model of an art form in the last post, with its concern with the communication or expression of ideas within a medium. The idea is that core idea(s) are brought to the surface – and to an audience – through various things which constitute a language or craft within a given medium/media. 539 more words

Things I Like

Unspeak and the Right's destruction of language

 “Change your language and you change your world”

- Ludwig Wittgenstein

In this blog I will resist claiming to have answers and instead outline my exploratory thought processes.

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Potters' pots, low hanging fruit, and faces that only mothers could love

You know the phrase, “A face only a mother could love”? Well, potters’ pots are sort of like that. And while it might be easy to assume that mothers only have the prejudice of kinship to their advantage, they also have a certain expertise that others don’t. 2,614 more words


The duck and the rabbit

Is the drawing above showing the image of a duck or a rabbit? Well, it depends on how you present it, and what your audience sees and/or wants to make of  it. 345 more words

Best Practices

Street Up

First a few terms:

Fling-ups – shoes or other objects hung on overhead wires by flinging them up. (not to be confused with throw-ups) I have to say that I’ve seen some good one’s recently. 300 more words


Literature Myth Number 1: Movies Are Not Literature

Literature Myth Number 1: Movies Are Not Literature

I don’t know where the world stands now on whether movies are literature; but I want to team with the side which believes that they are. 260 more words


What are Affordances? New publication.

The title of my current VIDI-research project is ‘The Landscape of Affordances: Situating the Embodied Mind.’    But what are affordances exactly? A new philosophical article in collaboration with Julian Kiverstein deals with this important question and has now been accepted for publication. 96 more words

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