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On my Radar: Pamela Barsky's pouches

I was on my way to a cafe in Lower East Side when I decided I’d take a roundabout route. I’m rarely in the neighborhood so I figured why not? 334 more words

New York

Why Deborah Morgan Is All The Cool

There is no denying that Dexter is one of the all-time great cult classics that has graced the Showtime series circuit but let’s highlight what is really important here shall we….. 100 more words


10 Most annoying people you will ever meet

We’ve all come in contact atleast once or twice with people we literally want to shoot in the head am I right?? Of course.Here’s my list of the top 10 . 623 more words

Life is a Verb

Someone told me today that I should think of life as a verb. That I seem to plan too much, and because of that, I’m so caught up in the big picture I get swallowed up by the every day. 207 more words

Lunchtime Listen

My Failed Attempt At Blogging

In all seriousness I’m not expecting much from this. I don’t really have a “direction” like many other bloggers. Mostly I suppose I just want to give people something funny or witty to read during break or before bed (you know to put you to sleep). 275 more words


10 annoying things people say

We all hear some statements that are so annoying they grind your gears . Well here’s my top 10:
1.Are you gonna eat all of that? 259 more words