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The Twitter, The Twatter, Just Twitter?

I am pretty all over social media and I consider myself to be a relatively educated in the area. I had a Facebook page before I started blogging and I have a Pinterest and Google Plus and Twitter and hell I think I even still have a MySpace somewhere in the social media graveyard.   120 more words


Best Friend (Duh).

Best Friends are hard to come by. Granted it’s a tier, and it’s extremely possible to have multiple best friends, but each one is unique and special in their own way. 572 more words


It’s time to go back to the land of no internet, but hang on to your britches because I have scheduled some posts for your reading enjoyment during October.

15 Children's Books That Are Banned Like Whores

An article highlighting 15 children’s books that have been banned for the most random reasons recently caught my attention.  I generally would not glance at an article like this but the word “banned” had me intrigued because I do like to keep up on the ever expanding crybaby nature of our society.  1,010 more words



All generalizations are false, including this one.

Mark Twain