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Me And Society......

Society’s expectations and I get along so well. There’s a time and a place for nicey nicey politeness and kumbaya but mostly it’s all about options 3 and 4


Mystic Mona

technology isn’t easy to cope with sometimes even if you can see into the future.
Mystic Mona

On the glory-faded front of a southern coastal town… 499 more words


Mezzanine Muse Through The Elevator's Lattice [Witty Flash-Fiction?]

NOTE (in my own words, screw Wikipedia!): Historically used to express secrecy, the phrase “sub rosa” is Latin for “under the rose”. The Mezzanine floor is a secret crawl-sized space sometimes hidden between floors, and traditionally built to be counted as the secret, inaccessible 13th floor between the 12th and 14th in hotels as a wise business practice in profit scalability that weighs the superstitions of travelers about the number 13 and shrewdly balances the fear ( 380 more words

We are Basically Dentists

After doing some work on the house tonight I came to this conclusion…
Get ready for it, it’s pretty deep.

I am almost certain that there are virtually no differences between a Dentist and Hygienist relationship and that of a Home Reno Duo. 216 more words


I still haven’t decided if I should welcome you to my blog or if you should welcome me to this new and fantastic thing called the Internet. 273 more words

Class In Your Sass

The general first thought of most people that read my writing is something along the lines of “Damn this chick is mouthy!”  Little do most people know I actually have standards as far as keepin it classy goes.  504 more words


...Big words.

I don’t know if you’ve ever watched “Gilmore girls”, but it is on netflix, and it is funny, and you COULD totally watch it!  It’s got witty writing and rapid delivery.    47 more words