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Lurpak Butter's Best Adventure - Ever

As we stand on the edge of possibility, we choose the path less traveled.

Lurpak butter and Wieden + Kennedy London craving for food porn continues with this outrageous, fantastic video for the former’s brand new Cook’s Range of oils and butters. 64 more words

Great Ads


不是大吃大喝就是被接送 喝酒+BBQ什么的
原有属性应该崩坏了吧 (笑)

全身按摩也就是一种”啊啊啊~痛!!!” 和 “啊啊啊~好舒服!!!” 的体验
大姐姐你别闹啦 我哪里像16岁啊拜托

面了 谈了 脑洞一起补够了
控台前的P/W 是 ①丧心 ②病狂 XD
嘛~通常都会把网友想象成又肥又恶心的怪叔叔以免失望 (喂!)
这回可以比喻成VN里的BEST END 37 more words

感想 / Musing

Coca Cola: Ahh

Check out this Ahh site. http://www.ahh.com

There are over 34,750 ways to explain how Coca-Cola makes you feel, and one way to describe them:

www.ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.com… 12 more words


The flag dress.

Okay, let’s make this clear: I do not like football. I barely understand the game, I’m pretty disgusted by the typical footballer type, and whenever my boyfriends watches it on TV, I fall asleep.


Food Porn that's "Out of this World"

Client: Lurpak

Agency: Wieden + Kennedy London

Location: http://www.adweek.com/adfreak/youve-never-seen-food-commercial-quite-otherworldly-one-156806

What is being advertised?: Lurpak new range of butter and oils

Why is it being advertised?: 207 more words

「リスアニ!LIVE-4」 Day 2 SS

- The start has got some trashy Korean boy band dancing around.
- My poor eyes and ears. Eurgggh.
- Oh funny mobit advert
- Faylan CM… 467 more words

感想 / Musing

Plunder je spaarrekening niet voor Belgisch succes

België kreeg in de voorbije maanden de dark horse-stempel toebedeeld door binnen- en buitenlandse media. Met een selectie van Europese topspelers kunnen onze zuiderburen het ver schoppen op het WK in Brazilië. 1,741 more words