World Mission Society Church of God does not celebrate Christmas and believes in Ahnsahnghong so it is a cult!!!

Since the members of the World Mission Society Church of God believing in Ahnsahnghong do not celebrate Christmas, it is a CULT.

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the place ,Zion is world mission society church of God[wmscog]

According to the Bible, God has a dwelling place on this earth.

Psalm 132: 13-14

How can we distinguish true Zion among all the other places that claim God dwells with them? 486 more words


[ WMSCOG, God the Mother ] Eternal life is only of God.

Just like there is no life where mother does not exist, the eternal life can be given only through God the Mother.  As the one who has the greatest love in the world is mother, the source of true love is… 209 more words

God The Mother