Passover,the New covenant [WMSCOG-Ahnsahnghong]

When Christians are asked, “Have you received salvation?” they reply, “Yes,” but if they are asked, “Do you celebrate the Passover?” most of them will hesitate in answering. 364 more words


Now, we are on the process!

Have U already got the goal of your faith, entering the glorious heavenly kingdom? If ‘NOT’, we are on the process of salvation. We all have to undergo a process of trial and error until we enter the kingdom of heaven. 323 more words
Christ Ahnsahnghong

[Christ Ahnsahnghong] Do the things Abraham did

World Mission Society Church of God

2000 years ago when Jesus came to this earth, many religious leaders persecuted Him for the only reason He is a man and finally crucified Him on the cross. 

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