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WND's Commenters' Take on Recent Astronomy News

Sometimes, I’m a glutton for punishment. In two days, I’ll be a glutton, for it will be Turkey Day in the US, or, as I call it in my holidays-can-be-identified-by-their-colors terminology, the “Red, Yellow, and Brown” holiday. 971 more words


Ben Carson: Strip Citizenship from Non-Citizens Who Vote

Ben Carson is a pediatric neurosurgeon who appears often on right-wing media outlets such as Fox News. He suggested stripping non-citizens of citizenship and deporting people for voter fraud. 20 more words

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The Right-Wing(Nuts) Disturbing Defense of Bill Cosby

A few days ago when checking WND (Wingnut News Daily) one of their top stories was proposing the idea that “the left” was out to destroy Bill Cosby because, in a number of speeches, he has been critical of black communities and culture. 158 more words


God Is Like a Jumping Cactus Spike: Easy to Get In, Nearly Impossibly Difficult to Get Out

I spent Christmas with my brother who was in Scottsdale, AZ two years ago. We went walking and through a process I won’t get into, I was injected with Screaming Barbs of Eternal Torment. 436 more words


Instead of Thinking for the Children, Let Your Adult Children Think for Themselves

I feel sorry for the child of Missouri state rep Paul Weiland and his wife, Teresa Weiland. Why? Well, they’re suing U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Labor and Treasury departments because they are required to have an insurance plan that would include contraception as a benefit: … 293 more words


Charles Darwin Caused World War I

I’m surprised that World Net Daily columnists produce posts that are pro-Intelligent Design (ID). ID is basically creationism (though none in the ID movement will admit to that, but they continuously claim religious freedom as the way to spread their ideas despite claiming it’s all science). 470 more words