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Fear-Mongering About Yellowstone

It’s rare that something I talk about in my Exposing PseudoAstronomy blog is also something I talk about on this blog due to WND picking it up. 906 more words


WND Still Doesn't Understand Atheists

I find fascinating when people who don’t belong to some group seem to think they know exactly what the group is, much better than those within the group. 306 more words


Castro + HUD + Illegals =

The New Leader of HUD has strong ties to La Raza

Do the math.

Julian Castro’s mother Rosie was a co-founder of La Raza. Julian is well known for encouraging illegal border entry through expanded welfare programs for illegal “immigrants.” 840 more words

Tea Party/Liberty

No charges for murder frenzy

As J.D. says over at Mouth of the Brazos, this is no surprise. The Badge Gang protects its own whenever possible and, since the Democrat media is paying almost zero attention to Miriam Carey’s murder, it’s imminently possible. 112 more words


Fool-Proof Way the Über-Conservative Can Convert a Liberal in 5 Minutes! (Or Your Money Back?)

I love these things that people put out, touting definite ways to convert someone to their way of thinking. One of the most memorable, for me personally, was when I worked for two weeks at Kings Island after I graduated from high school (no, I was not fired, I hated it and turned in my 7-day notice after a week). 1,074 more words


Marriage Equality Continues, Now in Kentucky (Sorta)

I was waiting for WND to do this post, since it actually happened yesterday (Tuesday, July 1): “Judge Tosses Kentucky ‘Gay’-Marriage Ban.” It comes courtesy of the… 1,004 more words


Obama Is the Worst President Since WWII ... Except, So's Bush, Clinton, Nixon, Carter, ...

The American electorate has a very short-term memory. It’s unfortunate that they tend to forget things in politics for the latest— OMG something shiny just went by!!!! 225 more words