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My feud with HTMBUZZ

HTMBuzz, from now HTM, is the public transportation company here in The Hague, but they aren’t doing the job so well.

Italians tend to complain about the lack of punctuality of the busses, and in The Hague, despite the situation is the opposite, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t a problem: … 254 more words


The Hague, a meltin pot

Last weekend was intense and unique for several reasons. Thanks to Mother, my approach to this city is no more acritical as it used to be: I eventually realized The Hague is not perfect, and that you can’t be sure to find in the whole Netherlands the same open attitude you can find here. 404 more words



January twenty-fourth of 2015. I will never forget that day of my life.

Everything was normal. I went to some camps, and I opened some new cards. 184 more words

Ireland is definitely worth the while

by Irene Doda

Fuck Troika. It’s worth moving to a country that has really been through everything, such as Ireland. That’s because they want to get even with the others, and that matter pulls the best out of every community. 487 more words


A kiss made my day

Yesterday was quite an ordinary day in my new, wonderful routine. I realized that, since I got here, I tend to get pissed off much more rarely than in the past. 139 more words


A tale of rebirth (Rotterdam, part 2)

May 14th 1940. The dutch, allied with the Resistance, have to choose whether to give up unconditionally or fight to the end. Pieter Scharroo chooses the second alternative: they won’t sign, but. 407 more words


Hotel New York: the birth of the american dream (Rotterdam, part 1)

There re so many things to say about Rotterdam, that a post isn’t just enough to do that. I need two, in order to tell you every tale. 760 more words