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7 days away from the big adventure

Have spent all weekend prepping and I’m much more at ease in preparation for the upcoming trip. What do I have to accomplish over the next 24 hours – a lot. 76 more words

Getting Ready

Grand Piano And Violin-Shaped House In China.

We thought we’ve seen it all — homes that look like pineapples, fish and even a picnic basket — but we just stumbled upon one of the most bizarre, yet elegant dwellings yet — a house shaped like a giant glittering grand piano and a violin. 72 more words


BBC's 'Our Girl' has me hooked

Four weeks back, friends of mine had discovered a new series on BBC 1 that I ‘simply had to watch’. I completely ignored them and continued my Sunday’s as usual- watch ‘Big School’, laugh at David Walliams and go to my room. 373 more words


hellooo ☺

hey how are you you’re hella cool and i think you’re awesome. :):) i’m emma and my mom told me to stop playing pokemon all the time so i’m writing stuff on wordpress woohoo that’s so exciting omg!!! 493 more words


Life though, right?

Their words are symbols of their thoughts, but their thoughts are not symbols of me.