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So it’s not my first day of school but I walked to the school (that I may be going to) with the students that go to the school. 235 more words


I’m spinning wool with a stone spindle. This tool has been used probably for more than 30,000 years. And when we twist fibers into yarn we are actually creating a spiral.

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Did I Potentially Make A New Discovery??? Or... I Need Your Help!

So I have been keeping this under wraps between my team and collaborators for the past month or so… On July 25th Me and my research partner were going over some raw observational data from the Observatory over at Swarthmore College. 846 more words


Afternoon Special for the Ladies - Part 2

Now that Shitfest has officially concluded, I figured I’d be back for Part 2 of subverting the patriarchal paradigm. You trusted I would come back, right? 873 more words


Hello, my name is...

It occurred to me several days ago that everyone has a different way of greetings someone. There are the hellos, Good ____________, How are you? And so forth. 130 more words


So when you are offered beer or wine or whatever at my age its strange. Okay maybe not for all the other kids but for me its weird. 258 more words


2015 Polaris Slingshot

Woah. I want this. It’s a three wheeled motorcycle, although I’m not sure motorcycle is the appropriate description- more like speed demon. In this vehicle, there are no airbags, but there are seat belts, storage lockers, a locking glovebox and a media console with 4.3in LCD screen, Bluetooth, USB playback and six speakers.  21 more words