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Sunday, Dec. 21, 2014

A Dialogue of Watching
by Kenneth Rexroth

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Let me celebrate you. I
Have never known anyone… 544 more words

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32: Dem hax bro

Wow america just wow apparently the us thought it would be smart to make a comedy about killing the freaking north Koreas president haha boy were they wrong 43 more words

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28: Ouch

America took a pretty bad hit talking about there “Interrogation” records. The only thing this proves is that you can’t say america is a Wonderfull place its better then some places but if you like america cause they do not torture people or massacre then you should hate america cause they massacred at Vietnam and they torture I’m not saying you should hate america I’m just saying if thats why you like america they you don’t no the truth… 44 more words

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24: *Passes Out*

OH MY GOD Obama has just been freaking 3D printed JESUS (Sorry if that offense to you) OMG how how how 43 more words


Law School Siblings

I’m always shocked when I remember that Professor Hubbard is the brother of