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Fade away

Evening chickadees! How’s it all going?

We had one of those miserable little posts earlier in the week, didn’t we? It had been a tough day, during a tough week, at the end of a tough month and I’d been doing my best to pretend none of it was happening. 643 more words


Not the post I thought

I can’t quite believe the amount of time that’s passed between today and my last post. I didn’t mean for it to turn out this way – I’ve had so much to say. 143 more words


Dining - fine and fun

Yet another long pause between posts, but heartfelt thanks to all who’ve read and to those who commented, your thoughts and words are very much appreciated. 617 more words

Tuesday 18th February – Wobbling planks, acid-base titrations and running at dusk

A bit of a restless night but hopefully still managed to grab seven hours sleep which doesn’t seem too bad compared to the slightly frantic nights back in the UK before heading to Germany. 553 more words


Absent minded

I’ve spent most of this week wandering aimlessly around my life as if it doesn’t belong to me. If I’m present it’s in body alone – my mind is elsewhere, if indeed, it’s anywhere at all. 406 more words