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1) 20 minutes EMOTM: Odd + Even, Movements of Choice

Pick any two movements you like, the movements should just be weaknesses. Pick rep ranges and weights that you can maintain, or go up in loading, but you shouldn’t have to drop weight or reps. 19 more words


You remember this one?

Check out this cool video on the front rise of the muscle up – thanks Jeff for sharing this.

So much fun!

10 Strict overhead press… 11 more words



Team WOD
Teams of 4. 1 person works while the rest waits in either the wall sit or the push plank. Person can only complete 25 reps at a time. 56 more words


4.17.14 - WOD



Warm-up: 2 rounds for Quality of:

10 inch worm to cobras
10 punter kicks, each leg
10 lateral leg swings, each leg… 172 more words


Open 11.3

Reminder, there are no classes on Good Friday or Easter Sunday.

Strength – Power Clean + Squat Clean + Push Jerk
2 sets @ 75% 15 more words


Thursday, 4/17/14

Warm Up:
2 minutes jump rope
Then 2 Rounds:
20 Leg Swings
20 Arm Circles
10 Wall Squats
10 Push-Ups
10 Ring Rows
5 Inch Worms… 27 more words