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Just Do It

The well has been pretty dry for a while.  Every so often I think about posting but feel like I have nothing to say…or what I have to say still feels to tender to say.   300 more words


Family Medicine Rotation-1, Immune System-0

Last weekend I had the chance to fly home and see the boyfriend (who btw is absolutely fantastic but I don’t want to brag).  On Saturday night I had the strangest dream.   521 more words

Life Happens When You're Making Plans

Time is Too Slow for Those Who Wait

I’m not a patient person.  I have never been a patient person.  If I get my mind set on something I want it right now this minute.   710 more words

Life Stories

The Definition of Miserable



1. wretchedly unhappy, uneasy, or uncomfortable: miserable victims of war.

2. wretchedly poor; needy.

Miserable is my phone staying silent

Miserable is not having someone to talk to… 169 more words


I Sleep Talk (hint: it's bad)

My entire life I’ve been the type of sleep talker that kind of mumbles or will say a random word or two in my sleep but in the past year my sleep talking has gone to an entirely different level: 297 more words

Day 65: March 25, 2014

It’s interesting… As my own understanding of the spiritual world becomes more concrete (and should it ever be concrete? Think of that word!), I feel more inclined to tell others about it, than to focus on my own spiritual progression. 1,314 more words

God Is Good

Bad Blogger, Pen Names and Politics

Let me start with an apology to my legion of followers. A legion is six right? Or is that a fathom in feet.

No matter. 733 more words