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We're People Too

Ok, so I get it. You’re on break. You want everything to be smooth, free, and all around comfortable. Understandable (especially since you’re paying for entertainment). 142 more words


Asking For Lady Items

The entire title reads “Asking for Lady Items Over the Radio”

It’s bad enough to ask for tampons. It gets worse when you have to make the radio call. 219 more words

The Woes

My Video Game Woes When Playing at Home

• You get constantly told what to do next by people watching you play (even I do it to others, so I am not exempt from this!!) 201 more words

It's Friday Night!

It’s friday night, are you sighing yet?

Honestly, I am. It’s been a long week, and man oh man am I glad that it’s done! I’ve been working six days straight this week, and tomorrow is my only day off and then back to work on Sunday. 353 more words


buying/selling used stuff is the shits

i put lucy’s old dog house on usedcowichan.com for free a few weeks ago.

the ad says it’s big and heavy so bring some people to move it. 404 more words

That'll be $14.85 - "No no, $1.00"

I absolutely adore it when my customers think that they can haggle with me when I’m working in a corporate owned store. I worked in an upscale ice cream parlour for a time and one woman drove me up the wall on a daily basis. 552 more words

Customer Service

Work woes

Once more, I’ve not posted anything for a while. And again I fail to follow through on the 30 day blog challenge. Eh, my heart was not 100% on that mini-project anyway. 256 more words