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ESPN Player App woes #1

Only a day into the FBS season and already problems with ESPN Player. Games from last night are available if I login via my PC but nothing is available at all via On Demand on the iPad app. 166 more words

ESPN Player

Self-Publishing Woes

I took a conscious decision of self-publishing my book. I knew the poetry market especially in India was niche, and after receiving no affirmative response from 7 publishing houses, the surmise was reinforced. 326 more words

How to Turn Your Woes Into Your Thankfuls (TToT #3)

I’ve been feeling a little down lately. . . Not quite in one of my funks yet, but on a downward slope, nonetheless. Ugh. At least I am getting to a point in my life where I can at least recognize that I am slipping, right? 1,486 more words


A third practice of biblical religion that many people confuse with prayer is
pronouncing woes. The word “woe” is an interjection that means “alas.” Woes may be…

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The Struggles of a Part Time Worker

So today I was alerted that I am approaching my hours for this pay period (Thursday-Wednesday). Within this brief disheartening conversation I found out that I at least for this week will not be working the full 25 hours allotted for part time employees. 227 more words

Homework woes???

Homework. That name has been around probably since school was created. Sometimes it can be really easy or it can be a big pain in the rear, ex: Big project. 441 more words


Inchcock’s Latest Altercation with a Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter – Light Blue TGA Breeze 4 Ultimate

Dear Driver of Light Blue TGA Breeze 4 Ultimate Mobility Scooter,

I would like to offer some advice/tips suggestions, for you, if you are the owner of the Light Blue TGA Breeze 4 Ultimate Mobility Scooter driving in Victoria shopping centre; that I unthinkingly attacked as it ran over me last week. 264 more words