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Paranoia's Travels

Composed by a smooth chalked chateau adjacent to a molten sea. Words to eat on; Words in warning:

Wa-way-waiting to get rich.

Invest in grays & graves to bury morality along that hitch. 115 more words



Listen to me I am sadness.
Listen to me for I hold some sort wisdom not just madness.
I speak only to eat and consume, 100 more words

A Sad Tale Of Toes, by Danny Kemp

A Sad Tale Of Toes

His feet were warm, having been spread out in front of the hot radiator whilst he worked at his desk. Hers, on the other hand, were cold. 564 more words

Author/Writer, Raconteur

Late night troubles.

Jeering, leering, feeling, smirking

Hiding, walking, faster, faster

If I had to be a man, it would be when

Ever I would have to cross the streets at night… 110 more words

Nothing To Lose.

Transfusion Woes

Transfusion Woes
Getting a transfusion is no fun and upon that the worry of the thang being administered properly is quite a worry amongst patients. To put ease on the situation and help out the nurses, we have here the Relieved Transfusion kit. 16 more words

Women Ideas

...of perspective...

…”Stocks plunge as cracks begin to show in Canada’s energy sector”…”Listen up parents: Gen Y’s financial problems will cost you”…”Hockey Night in Canada: How CBC lost it all”… 262 more words

One of these days

Not again. A sigh and its seems like a stab in my foot.
Another mistake made, and having to redo it.

Still too young to fail, too scared to sail away. 22 more words

The Dawn