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Simple Stir Fry Bok Choy

One of the evergreen Chinese home cook dish is simple stir fry vegetable. Simple means minimum ingredients and seasoning. The main focus of this dish is the vegetable itself. 288 more words


Vegan Coconut Pad Thai with Tofu

Sometimes, life is just better with pad thai and since I could eat it every night and take out was getting awfully expensive (not to mention my waistline was expanding and ain’t no one got time for that), we came up with our own vegan recipe that tastes an awful lot like the real thing (if not better). 214 more words


Asian is my favourite kind of cuisine. A mix of so many great flavours, it never fails to satisfy my cravings. I’ve managed to perfect this asian inspired dish through lots of trial and error and I now feel this recipe is ready to share. 162 more words


Asiatisk wokret med kylling og grøntsager i kokosmælk

- 100 gram kylling
- 150 gram frosne wok-grøntsager
- 1 dåse kokosmælk (vælg light for en sundere version)
- 2 tsk. grøn karrypasta… 125 more words


Black Pepper Pork Fillet

Traditionally and stereotypically, we believe the Westerner only eat steak or meat fillet with some greens and potatoes as sides. It fits the general perception of the Wester culture. 535 more words


Beneficiate de la cocina oriental.

Ahora es posible disponer en nuestros hogares de algo que antes solo tenían los mejores cocineros. El Wok y el Teppan Yaki.

Tanto el Wok como el Teppan Yaki, nos permiten cocinar en casa a la plancha sin perder la temperatura o el sabor real de los alimentos. 139 more words


Mix Vegetable Stir Fry

The essence of mix vegetable stir fry is perfect harmony. Since it is called ‘mix’, no one ingredient should stand out and over powering the rest. 348 more words