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Wolf Blitzer goes inside a Hamas tunnel

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer goes inside one of Hamas’ tunnels near the Gaza border with Israel.

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Is Obama too big too fail? Why is he acting so strangely?

President Barack Obama’s shameless fundraising tours in the midst of a world in chaos have brought immediate comparisons to Ronald Reagan.   Led by his erstwhile advisers, such as Michael Deaver, who understood imagery, Reagan would have been back in the Oval Office, looking presidential and sounding like the statesman he was.   855 more words

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Special Programming 7/26 - 7/27

Today’s special programming…

3pm ET — Newsroom w/ Miguel Marquez
5pm ET — Situation Room w/ Wolf Blitzer
7pm ET — Newsroom w/ Miguel Marquez… 38 more words


Hamas official likens Netanyahu to Hitler

Hamas’ spokesman did not answer when asked if the Islamist organization is deliberately targeting Tel Aviv’s airport.

Wolf Blitzer

Inappropriate Comparisons

When Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu maundered the other day in a CNN interview, apparently nervous, about “telegenic dead Palestinians” for the cause of Hamas in the current ongoing Israeli assault on Gaza, any reasonable friend of the State of Israel… 454 more words


Israel's War Crimes

CNN’s star anchorman, Wolf Blitzer, recently asked Mark Reger, spokesman for Israeli PM Netanyahu, whether Israel planned to occupy Gaza for a long time. The question is shocking but not a surprise.   208 more words

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Watch CNN's Wolf Blitzer's Despicable Attack On Israel for Simply Defending It's People

By Gary P Jackson

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer continues the network’s history of hate and stupidity as he interviews Israeli Minister Naftali Bennett. Here Bennett talks about the situation Israel finds herself in, and how the nation is defending against terrorism. 286 more words

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