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'More than I wanted to know': Wolf Blitzer reveals 'TMI' about Obama

This afternoon, President Obama addressed the American Legion National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. What a guy!

Preview of reaction from the pundit class: "Smart," "forceful," "powerful," "resolute."— …

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Chinese fighter jet buzzes U.S. navy plane

Tom Foreman reports on the close encounter between a U.S. P-8 plane and a Chinese fighter jet over international waters.


Look, It's Your Choice

Another post on teaching and learning, I’m afraid. Having just read this profoundly insightful statement by a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, who is also the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s Distinguished Teaching Scholar Award, the Carnegie Foundation’s United States University Professor of the Year Award, and the Oersted Medal bestowed by the American Association of Physics Teachers … 219 more words


Let's Hear It for Wolf Blitzer

Earlier this week, Allan wrote a post critical of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer. He claimed that CNN’s Lead Political Anchor was appearing too much with his three regularly scheduled hours and the two additional hours filling in for Anderson Cooper. 521 more words


Rep.: Syrians arrest reporters, not U.S.

Rep. Emanuel Cleaver says the local police were ill-equipped to handle protesters and disregarded the Constitution.

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Wolf Blitzer Confronts Osama Hamdan Hamas Spokesman for Disturbing Blood Libel Remarks [CLICK FOR VIDEO]

Hamas spokesman Osama Hamdan has been making infrequent appearances on CNN in the past few weeks, but today Wolf Blitzer really held his feet to the fire. 112 more words

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The pain behind Robin Williams' punchlines

Robin Williams spent decades battling addiction to cocaine and alcohol. Williams would sometimes turn his inner battles into the punchlines of his jokes. As brash and funny as his admissions sometimes seemed, they clearly did not tell the full story of his struggles. 45 more words