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This is perfect: Ace of Spades has a great idea for Jeb Bush-swooning Wolf Blitzer

He really is. Some things you just can’t make up.

oh no https://t.co/TRle1AK8TW

— Kevin O'Keeffe (@kevinpokeeffe) December 16, 2014

Oh no? Oh YES. As Twitchy reported, …

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'STOP RIGHT NOW': Wolf Blitzer's 'cringe'-worthy reaction to Jeb Bush run [video]

Well, anything’s possible. But no, this appears to be a real thing that actually happened:

To paraphrase @Meghan_Trainor it's all 'bout that (GOP) base, 'bout that base for…

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the legacy i hope to leave behind
a dying planet inhabited by addicts of lies
dependent upon Wolf Blitzer for the truth



Man Man- On Oni Pond

My first experience with Man Man was just about as weird as it can get. They were just some band I had never heard of that was opening for Cursive. 217 more words


Ex-CIA chief: Senate report is subjective

Former CIA chief Michael Hayden defends harsh interrogation tactics in interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer.

Wolf Blitzer

Gonzales: Torture report may be 'biased'

Alberto Gonzales, former attorney general under President George W. Bush, speaks about the released CIA torture report.

Wolf Blitzer