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Wolf Assassin Sketch

I’ve been working on different action poses and here’s something I came up with. It’s just a simple sketch of a Wolf Assassin.


Special Senses and Muscles of Wolf Man

Within muscles of the human and Wolf Man, both have three types of muscles. Skeletal, cardiac, and smooth muscle. They both share the same properties of muscles. 450 more words

Wolf Man

Breath of Greatness

The respiratory system in humans is fairly similar to that of Wolf Man. When a human is transforming into a werewolf the same actions are continuing to occur. 223 more words

Wolf Man

Wolf Man Miscellaneous

Wolf Man is an independent super hero. No side-kick is needed for this beast. Wolf Man’s super powers, that include strength and agility, allow him to be self-reliant. 145 more words

Wolf Man

Wolf Man Origins

John Jameson was not your typical test pilot of astronaut. He had a significant secret. A life-altering, mind-blowing secret. Occurring every full moon, John Jameson would become Wolf Man. 204 more words

Wolf Man

Wolf Man's Amazing Super Powers

While John was on a secret mission to the moon, he found a rare, beautiful red gemstone which he felt compelled to bring back to Earth. 179 more words

Wolf Man