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Help My Unbelief

Do you remember the story of the boy who cried wolf?   512 more words


I Know How Dinosaurs Became Extinct. Couches Are On The Same Path.

Did you know that scientists really don’t know why all the dinosaurs up and died? Oh, they have theories about climate change, a shift in predation—I think aliens have even been tossed out there as a possible explanation for the obliteration of an entire group of critters. 283 more words

Life As The Crazy Dog Lady

10/31/14 Cafe Sketch Drawing

Got to draw some more wolves today for Cafe Sketch (although there was only one this time).  I also decided to turn some of the other people watching the wolf into werewolves, because 1) it’s Halloween and 2) why not? 10 more words


Trick or Treat!

Pumpkins, candles, ghosts, cobwebs, evil laughter, pillowcases of candy, yelling “trick or treat!” as loud as you can…man, I love Halloween!! (Another re-creation from a Dixit card. 6 more words

Mixed Media

A Walk Among the Angels

Why do we worship the dead? Or, rather, worship death while we fear Life? Life is our only guarantee, and even it is not absolute. Death is an unknowable fate, except by those who have already met it. 129 more words

Werewolf is the most sexist word in the English language

The political correctness movement has mostly zapped The Patriarchy from the English lexicon. These days, primly neutered chairpeople, fishers, and police have elbowed chairmen, fishermen, and policemen into obsolescence. 504 more words