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The forcing of puzzle pieces

First of all I am sorry I have neglected you for so long. So very long, so many days have passed in-between the time my fingers graced the keys last and there mating again this morning. 1,134 more words


TOTEM SPIRITS: Animals as Guides

In Native American cultures, and probably indigenous cultures worldwide, animals play a large role in instructing human beings. They teach us how to live justly and within our means. 2,111 more words

Little Red Riding Hood

An illustration for Little Red Riding Hood, 1909, by Arthur Rackham.


More Memories

I remembered something else today. It was a memory that I forgot earlier today, that I remembered after forgetting about it for a while, and before that, remembering it one day, out of nowhere. 366 more words

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Now for my next painting, a wolf. I was hesitant in painting it on such a small canvas cause I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to get the fur look with the palette knife and I have never painting on such a small canvas with a palette knife. 97 more words


A Cold Demise

It is not the cold stare of ice-blue death

Nor dagger-like jaws that salivate at my scent

Nor even the snarl of the disenchanted

That worries that lost and lonely soul… 56 more words


Daily Doses

I thought it would be cool to post a picture of a wolf daily or at least once in a while. So here you go. The very first one is this wolf sleeping tranquilly on a bed of flowers